Today’s column …

… is on the Mets and their inevitable managerial hiring of … Bob Melvin!

7 thoughts on “Today’s column …”

  1. i dont necesarily agree with all of your hindsight (daniel murphy was supposed to play first base, not jacobs… jacobs was signed to a minor league deal… and really, you wanted dusty baker to manage? and id rather have barajas than molina seven days out of seven, you explained yourself w marquis, and pagan was their fourth outfielder coming into this season).

    HOWEVER, i can totally see the mets hiring melvin based on your reasons.

    im really hoping for backman or bobby v (for the rec, i never wanted bobby v outta here… shoulda ousted phillips instead).

    but someone no one is talking about who i think deserves a shot should be ken oberkfell. from what i know, hes done a great job at managing wherever hes been. i hated him as an astro and his stupid jeri curls, but hes been successful as a manager, no? and well respected by the players. maybe theres an idea for an article for you there?

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