1,000 words

Back when I first got into book writing, Jon Wertheim—SI colleague and longtime friend—offered sound advice: “Shoot for 1,000 words per day.” It sounds easy enough. Sit down, write 1,000 words, move on.

It’s haaaaaard.

First 1,000 written words aren’t always 1,000 quality written words. Second, life offers too many distractions. Food. TV. Loud people. Food. TV. Dog. Food. TV.

Second the great challenge of a book—a detailed, in-depth book—is returning to the same subject day after day after day after day. Sometimes I wake up eager to write. Other days it’s an enormous, 100,000-pound slog through hell. I can’t stand another moment … just wanna be done.

But then you bounce back. How? By reminding yourself it’s just 1,000 words.

Just 1,000 words.