The choice is clear

I’m not a big Cuomo guy. But rarely does a guy look worse in his own ad.

6 thoughts on “The choice is clear”

  1. The engine of one of the planes fell into this building. So that does make it part of the “act of war” that occured there. Do you not think this is an effective tactic in a state where a high percentage of people oppose construction of the mosque, Jeff?

    1. I think, at the very least, the price of democracy and liberty is discomfort. and to use any tactic to not allow this to be built vomits in the face of liberty. wanna send a message of america’s intolerance? keep the mosque from being built.

  2. wow… talk about blatantly politicising the mosque!!! the guy is really gonna use eminent domain on a mosque? this guy obviously doesnt know how government works. or humanity.

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