The best season

Up until recently, I was a summer guy. Summer! Summer! Summer! The heat, the getaways, the beach, July 5, Labor Day. It was my favorite season, and nothing was even close.

That’s changed. I’m officially a fall guy. I know … I know—why so late to discover the beauty of the season? Hard to say. But when you combine the cascading leaves (and leaf piles), the myriad colors, apple picking, cider, Halloween, the start of school, cool breezes, the no-longer-especially-distant vision of the holidays … well, it’s blissful. Or, to quote The Wife: “In the summer everyone’s going away, running around, busy with camp. In fall everyone comes back, it’s nice to be outside, it’s not too hot, it’s beautiful out.”

My thing is Halloween. Looooooooooove Halloween. My Top 3 holiday list goes thusly:

1. Halloween.

2. Halloween.

3. Halloween.

We happen to live in a part of town that, upon our arrival seven years ago, was d-e-a-d come Halloween. So we decided to do something about it. On that day, all our neighbors and their kids gather at our house. We all go trick or treating together, then come back for pizza and the haunted house I make annually in our dark, dank basement. As I’ve said for the past three decades, “What can be better than a holiday with zero religious obligations, where you dress up in a costume and ask for free candy?”

One of the other elements that makes this season special is my nephew, Jordan. He’s 10, a great kid. We have an annual tradition where we pick a night, have dinner, then visit an insanely frightening haunted house. This is our destination for 2010.

So happy for fall!

PS: Random thoughts:

1. I get people not voting Democrat in the upcoming election. Really, I do. Obama has been uninspiring, the economy sucks, they had the 60-vote majority and accomplished very little. That said, if you look over the Republican Party’s stated plan, it basically reads like this: Tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts. Which is fine and dandy, were this nation not bleeding. Again, I get it, and I’m as disappointed as the next guy. But as ineffective as the Dems have been, I’m unwilling to vote for a party that leans so heavily toward the wealthy.

2. Along those lines, are there any dumber voters in America than poor rural whites? Seriously. I understand wealthy whites voting Republican. I understand poor African-Americans voting Democrat. But if you’re a white family with a collective income of $30,000, what exactly do the Republicans offer you? Answer: Guns, no gays and waving flags.

3. Just put a Band-Aid over my 3-year-old son’s finger. He didn’t have a cut or anything—but swears it feels better.  🙂

6 thoughts on “The best season”

  1. “are there any dumber voters in America than poor rural whites?”

    Perhaps they vote that way because educated, suburban intellectual agnostic liberals write about them in such a manner.

  2. Perhaps the main topic for “Poor Rural Whites” concerns the rights of unborn humans.
    Most of these people are strongly principled and believe that killing a child simply because it isn’t sucking air yet is a horrible wrong.

  3. jmw, that still doesn’t answer Jeff’s question of why poor rural whites would vote for republicans.

    The abortion issue is an important issue, but one that has been settled by law at this point. And besides not every democrat or liberal is in favor of abortion. My response is who is going to take care of all the unwanted children that the poor folk can’t afford to take care of. Even on an issue like abortion it is rather short sited to vote on one issue alone.

    I would challenge republicans to name 5 things that republicans have done to help this country in the last 30 years.

  4. agree, i used to love summer the most, but now, well autumn (as us kiwis/brits call it) or fall is the better, start of sports again, people back into routine and refreshed from the summer, its not too hot not too cold, makes you look forward to the holidays at the end of the year as well

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