Today’s Wall Street Journal piece …

is short and sweet and about the aging rappers who can still bring it.

If you haven’t heard Nelly’s “Just a Dream,” take a listen. Love it. The song inspired the column.

PS: Just watched the above video. Wow. Truly terrible. Wow.

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  1. Big daddy Kane is the king of this. Please you tube search his name, along with ” dropping the mic, ” and you will witness the fitness!

  2. This song is everything that is wrong with hip-hop today – unimaginative, conservative, recycled. I read your article on aging rappers; you failed to mention Eminem’s lackluster performance at Yankee Stadium. Actually hip-hip is the one genre where it is very difficult to age. From a commercial perspective only Jay-Z has figured it out.

  3. Boring Song.
    Get some musicians, instead of drum machines and computers, then maybe it could be made into a decent song.
    I am so sick and tired of the crap being sold as “music” today.
    No musicians just a beat and a vocalist.

    Sorry but 38 or 41 isn’t old. Hippity-Hop doesn’t have some kind of distinction for letting old guys play.
    The Rolling Stones have been playing for 48 years. Keith Richards looks like he’s 120.

    Not to forget Steve Winwood (62) and Eric Clapton (65) are still Rockin’.
    These are people that can actually hit the notes.

    Picked this vid because I wanted one where Steve plays the keyboard, (not the qwerty kind).

    Tried to find a video of their 2010 tour but they all had poor sound quality.

    Speaking of old guys still playing, try the Blues.

    In all honesty I don’t see that your Wall Street article has any accuracy at all.
    Lots of actors get old and keep acting. I hear Betty White is the new Doritos pitchwoman.
    Alec Baldwin might be a jerk, but he still works.
    Michael Douglas just did a new Wall Street.

    Talent keeps people working. Drugs, booze, complacency, and lack of talent stops them young.

    1. jmw, you missed the point. it’s not that people can’t keep playing–it’s the charting and staying contemporary that’s tough. love the stones, like winwood, but they’ll never, ever, ever chart again.

  4. Jeff, they do chart.

    I would agree that they don’t chart as much as they should. You can blame the radio stations for following instead of leading. Hard to go high if you can’t get air time.

    Plus a lot of the older players aren’t in it for the money as much as the love. Clapton tours a lot and plays with most anybody. His 2006 Album “The Road to Escondido”, made with JJ Cale, peaked at 23 in the US. In 2001 “Reptile” hit #5. The 2004 album “Me and Mr. Johnson” went to #6.

    You just left Spain. The Stones 2005 hit, “Streets of Love”, made it to #1 there.
    It was at least a top 20 in a good part of the rest of the world. Only in America with our infatuation for pretend music did it fail to crack the top 20.
    Santana did well with “Smooth” and “Maria Maria” in 2000.

    As far as acting, Eastwood has had hits later in life and many others have too.

    It is true that the bulk of America seems to be tone deaf. I was talking to a guy that owns a local bar near campus. In the 70’s you could hear some good music there. I used to listen to an up and coming musician by the name of Robert Cray, among others. When I mentioned Cray he had a sad look on his face and said, “today kids don’t want to listen to music they just want a DJ”.

    1. jmw, you sound like you’re 100. I love hiphop—love jay-z, love eminem. one doesn’t have to play an instrument to make incredible music, and i think the argument can be made that someone like jay-z has had a similar impact to groups like the stones. just because you don’t enjoy the medium doesn;t mean it’s shit.

  5. I do sound like my mother sometimes.

    Hiphop reminds me of disco or the bubblegum music before.
    Musically immature but having mass appeal.

    Listen to the “drums” on your “Just a Dream” song above. Boring.
    That lack of depth is why so little of this music will survive.
    Great now I sound like my Grandpa, he’d of been 120 today.

  6. Cool

    Had a thought that maybe I could explain in terms you relate to.

    Lots of people will read and enjoy bad writing.
    You use a great example with the Mike Tanier piece. Great writing nothing wasted.

    The “Just a Dream” song wastes sound by not using musicians to play. So much of hiphop throws away music, relying on cheap pointless sound, when an artist could do it so much better.

    It is the same philosophy you aspire to when you write. Everything has meaning. Don’t throw away music for noise.

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