Books-for-Life Contest

So I’m deeeeeeeeeeeeeep into my current book project. Writing every day and night. The subject always on my mind. Obsessing. Fretting. So on and so on.

However, I’m also starting to think about the next book topic.

I have some ideas, but no I’m-100%-in-love-and-can’t-wait-to-start ideas. It’s a complicated sort of thing. When deciding upon a new topic, I look for:

A. Something/someone riveting.

B. Something/someone marketable.

C. Something/someone that/who hasn’t been written about (in a book) 1,000 times before.

D. Something/someone that/who would make a killer book.

Any ideas?

Being serious—I’m always looking. And if I pick yours, I promise a prime spot in the Acknowledgments, a free dinner at the restaurant of your choice and free copies of every book I ever write (and have written).

Honestly, I’m always open to ideas …

PS: In case this comes off as pathetic, let me say that two of my books—’86 Mets and ’90s Cowboys—were the ideas of others. Come to think of it, they were also my two big sellers.