Books-for-Life Contest

So I’m deeeeeeeeeeeeeep into my current book project. Writing every day and night. The subject always on my mind. Obsessing. Fretting. So on and so on.

However, I’m also starting to think about the next book topic.

I have some ideas, but no I’m-100%-in-love-and-can’t-wait-to-start ideas. It’s a complicated sort of thing. When deciding upon a new topic, I look for:

A. Something/someone riveting.

B. Something/someone marketable.

C. Something/someone that/who hasn’t been written about (in a book) 1,000 times before.

D. Something/someone that/who would make a killer book.

Any ideas?

Being serious—I’m always looking. And if I pick yours, I promise a prime spot in the Acknowledgments, a free dinner at the restaurant of your choice and free copies of every book I ever write (and have written).

Honestly, I’m always open to ideas …

PS: In case this comes off as pathetic, let me say that two of my books—’86 Mets and ’90s Cowboys—were the ideas of others. Come to think of it, they were also my two big sellers.

55 thoughts on “Books-for-Life Contest”

  1. Pedro Martinez… his story like so many… poor kid from the DR makes it BIG and how he has pay it forward back to the DR. His complex personality makes him equally fascinating. Plus, it will give you the opportunity to practice Spanish ; )

    The other one – a little more sensationalistic – would be Steve McNair. All-American good guy but behind the scenes… we really never knew.

  2. We know about all the tools in sports; you’ve written about more than a few. Is there a book in the good guys/women?

    There are people from the sports world who actually live up to the antiquated role model concept. (Warrick Dunn comes to mind.) Not just big name pro stars, but people up and down the ladder who somehow manage to have their priorities straight.

    Or you can just do a year of athletes getting busted and call it “Blotter.” Either way. I guess it depends on the mood.

  3. Something about the take the money and run attitude of small market baseball owners like David Glass and Kevin McClatchy (when he owned the Pirates). Guys that pocket revenue sharing money while year after year underfunding their losing franchises. Its not a sexy idea per se, but putting a face on the suffering of small market fans, the hopelessness of a pennant chase that ends in April would to me be a unique idea, and one that I for one would read.

    Baseballs revenue sharing program is broken and there are far too many owners all to happy to ignore the on field product and pad their books.

    Another idea would be taking a stab at the tale of Billy Bean and other trailblazing athletes who were brave enough to come out of the closet while investigating the obvious bias in pro sports against homosexuals.

    Alas the behind the scenes tales of the New York Yankees from the mid 80’s through the early 90’s would fascinate me, but I’m probably alone in that. It just seems like all these tributes to Steinbrenner leave out everything from 1982-1996. Like Billy Martins death and Steinbrenners suspension were all that happened in that period aside from the hiring and firing of approximately 73 Managers. To me theres more, but again not exactly a compelling read to anyone aside from the Yankee lifers that were there well before 1996. Thats a book for anyone who knows of the magic of Lee Gutterman right there.

  4. After seeing the great video post on Mike Tyson, why not a book on him? He’s had such a fascinating life. Rise, fall, rise, fall, rise? You’d definitely have enough to write about with the life is has lived thus far.

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