Pish Posh Mommy

I live in the greatest neighborhood in America.

Truly, I do.

Our block is overrun with kids. Our block is incredibly diverse. The families on my block get together all the time—pancake breakfasts on Saturdays; huge Halloween shindig; sleigh riding and trampoline jumping and movie nights. It’s truly the ‘hood of my dreams—without question the best place I’ve ever lived.

My neighbors also happen to be really interesting people. Among the folks within a stone’s throw of my house are a producer for Rachel Maddow, an editor at the Wall Street Journal, a Fox 5 weatherman, a CNBC reporter.

And then there’s Kopal Goonetileke.

Kopal is the neighbor voted (by the wife and I) Most Likely to Be Featured on the Cover of Forbes or Fortune by, oh, 2012. She is the founder of Pish Posh Mommy, a company that takes purses and, with a magical insert, transforms them into baby bags. It’s a wildly unique idea and—speaking as the father of two—a very good one. Trust me (admittedly, I’ve never used a purse. But I have lugged many a diaper bag).

The best thing about Kopal, however, is that recently she saved my sanity. As regular readers of this blog might know, I struggled with a long, nightmarish battle with plantar fasciitis, which left me unable to run for months. I was telling Kopal about it (or maybe the wife told her), and she started hyping up these anti-plantar sandals that saved her own feet. I bought a pair a bunch of months ago—started running a few weeks later, have been (relatively) pain free since. In the midst of book hell, midnight runs have kept me whole. I owe Kopal about 8,000 pounds of flowers, or front-row tickets to John Oates live, or at least 100 Pish Posh Mommy purchases.

Alas, this blog post will have to do.  🙂

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