Tackle Football

Wild moment from a recent John McCain showing.

Honestly, I think people like this woman hurt the cause, because she allows people to say, “Typical crazy left-wing nut.” That being said, what in the world has happened to John McCain? Two years ago, when he won the GOP presidential nomination, I honestly thought, “OK—even if the Dems lose, at least McCain is moderate and thoughtful.”

Since then, however, he’s become a nut. A true nut.

My take: McCain has yet to recover from picking Sarah Palin as his VP choice. He was initially taken aback by all the holes in her resume. Then he had to defend her, because he made the tremendous mistake of choosing her. Now he doesn’t really have to stick up for the selection, but he feels compelled to. Hence, he’s gone faaaaaar right, to loopy Romney turf.

It’s sad, because I liked and respected him, and his daughter and wife seem cool as all hell.

Sigh—politics sure screws with people.

Along those lines, one more thought. I’m a Democrat, and I almost always vote Democrat. But, boy, do I loathe Andrew Cuomo here in New York. Do I want him to win? Yes, but only because the Republican candidate is the latest Tea Party loop-dee-looper. But Cuomo is yet another in the long line of entitled, thinks-he’ll-be-president-one-day slugs.

California—another interesting place. Jerry Brown, the Dem, is leading. But would I vote for him over Meg Whitman, the moderate/wealthy Republican? Not sure. I have no faith in Brown saving the state’s sinking economy. Maybe Meg deserves the shot.