Today’s column …

… is about the player I want my kids to watch this NBA season—Eddy Curry.


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  1. Curry’s also had to deal with a ton in his life. His ex-girlfriend and nine-month-old daughter were found shot to death. He’s been robbed at gun point in his own house. He never attended college. I’m not saying this excuses all his behavior, but the man certainly has mental issues that go far beyond weight gain.

  2. Eddy Curry. Wow.

    Has a kid in hs, secretly marries the mother (doesn’t tell his own parents until later), divorce in time.

    has heart condition, traded to Knicks, robbed, male driver sues alleging sex discrimination. malik rose says he knows for sure “eddy is not gay.” how does malik know that?

    ex-gf killed, her daughter also killed. eddy’s son (he cheated on his current wife with the ex-gf, never acknowledged son) found alive, moves in with eddy who doesn’t know how to handle it. custody issues with ex-gf mom follow.

    takes six figure loans from juwan howard, and loan shark in vegas at 85% juice.

    and doesnt pay installment payment to 15 year old he banged years ago and secretly settled lawsuit with

    gotta wonder what’s coming next

    Good article on him here

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