I have make an executive decision: Today is the last time I’m mentioning Sarah Palin on this blog.

For now on, she will either be ignored, or referenced solely as The Dolt.


A. Because she is, literally, The Dolt. (Need more proof? Here you go)

B. Because she is unworthy of being mentioned.

C. Because, truth is, there are smart, progressive Republicans out there who deserve the attention she hogs. As Davis Brooks points out in today’s Times, Califronia’s Meg Whitman has some stuff going on. In Indiana, Mike Pence is catching a wave. I’m not sure how I feel about Chris Christie in New Jersey, but he’s probably an overall upgrade over John Corzine.

Point is, there are serious-minded Republicans out there who haven’t jumped off of the SS Lunatic. I don’t support them, but I respect them.

Palin, on the other hand, is simply a worthless piece of shit shard. She offers nothing valuable to debate; has no fresh ideas; doesn’t even hold an office.

So to hell with her—I’m done.