Hypo Nation

Went to the neurologist today to figure out why my left leg continues to feel heavy, and why I wake up with numb hands. I confessed to her I’m something of a hypo. She was cool about it.

I underwent a bunch of tests. She said, “I can send you for an MRI, but I don’t think it’s serious.”

Here’s the odd thing about being a raving-mad hypo: I was happy and sad. Happy that I’m probably not facing anything serious, sad that I’ve been shown once again to be crazy. It sucks. This is my weakness, and I need to get a grip.

Was IMing with a writer friend of mine tonight. He says he’s been a hypo for 40 years. Asked him if he ever sought out therapy. This was his reply, which I consider to be quite brilliant:

No. But I’ve gone to therapy for other things. The hypo thing doesn’t deserve therapy. Hypo is simple: you think you’re sick when you’re not because subconsciously you think you haven’t reached the unattainable potential you thought you could achieve when you became a writer, and so your mind is tilted toward the innocent imbalance of    hypochondria. There: I just saved you therapist fees. Unless, of course, you need therapy for other reasons.

I’m not sure I agree. In fact, I don’t 100% agree. But we writers are nuts.

5 thoughts on “Hypo Nation”

  1. I think your writer pal’s diagnosis is nonsense. I’m interested in hearing the neurologist’s diagnosis when the test results come back, if you wish to share.

  2. Been sittin’ too much man.
    I had the same problem years ago. I used to drive all over 6 different states. When I got a seat that I could adjust as I drove it went away.
    Go out and run, or walk change your routine it should go away. Key here I paid a Chiropractor for 10 visits before he told me he couldn’t do anything for me. All it took was changing my position as I drove.

  3. Darryl Stingley- I read “Happy to Be Alive” in 4th grade. I got it for Christmas after reading the excerpt in SI. My 5th grade son reads SI for Kids now. Are we dumbing down sports journalism by creating child- specific magazines?

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