1,600 words. Poof.

Last night I wrote 1,600 words for my book. It was a grueling task—up to a point where the details get complicated. So I dug through clips, retraced steps, etc.

Then I accidentally pressed DELETE.

Then I accidentally pressed SAVE.

Realized this at 4 o’clock in the morning, having felt quite satisfied over my efforts. Now, instead, I want to take the nearest fork and stab it through my eye socket. I also want to punch a wall, throw my cellphone into the door, scream as loud as possible.

In fact, I’ll do that right now:


I don’t feel any better.

5 thoughts on “1,600 words. Poof.”

  1. Ouch.
    That is the usual type of mental mistake we make when we’re dead tired. Get more sleep.
    You’ll find you write better when rested anyway.

  2. i did that to my wife once. as she finished up her masters (english is her 2nd language) i would proof read her work. once i pushed something and lost her paper. luckily it was the one time ever she had something done ahead of the deadline. but i still felt like a total loser. ongoing i had better “save” as i go techniques to guard against my own inabilities. best to you. CC
    by the way, love the books, a big wally backman fan here, hope he gets the mets job.

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