Am I overreacting?

So a Facebook friend (not a real-life friend, in this case) posted this as her status update:

Regarding the mosque near ground zero, I say let them build it. Then across the street we should put a topless bar called “You Mecca Me Hot”. Next to that, a gay bar called “The Turban Cowboy”, and next to that, a pork-rib restaurant called “Iraq o’ Ribs”? Then a check cashing center called “Iran out of money” Lets see……… who’s really tolerant!

I found this to be in incredibly poor taste, and said so. They responded by saying I needed to lighten up; that it’s a joke, ha ha ha ha ha.


24 thoughts on “Am I overreacting?”

  1. Not funny,but more stupid than offensive. The builders of the mosque aren’t trying to offend, unlike your humorless friend.

  2. I dunno. The other day a real and a FB friend posted a stereotype about Southerners and when I protested, he said he was kidding. I think sometimes people say they’re kidding as a way to dismissively dodge the truth – that what they said was insensitive at the least. Trust your gut.

  3. Well Muslims are incredibly bigoted so I found it funny, on the other hand I do have a sick sense of humour. If she wanted to be wity she probably could of added a comment about there being a women’s rights office nearby.

  4. It is as funny as the people that joined the “My favorite singer (Michael Jackson), my favorite actor (Patrick Swayze), and my favorite whatever (some celebrity) died. Dear Lord, my favorite president is Barack Obama!” group a while back.

  5. People who trade political barbs on facebook make me sad. If you find yourself posting an angry response to someone else’s facebook post, you need to step back from the computer, go outside, and find a real person to talk to.

  6. You mean how we sit and take it when a portrait of the Virgin Mary covered with cow flop is considered art?

    Tell any priest/altar boy jokes lately?

    Do something similar to an extremest Muslim, and see what happens…

    And Jeff – you are overreacting. We have become a country devoid of a sense of humor, and rife with double standards.

  7. I concur. Poor taste. That said, it seems that when one calls attention to the rampant injustice and intolerance of Catholicism or other varieties of Christianity, they’re displaying a sense of social justice, yet doing the same to Islam is perceived as an act of bigotry. Why is that?

  8. “Why is that?”

    * Because life isn’t fair.
    * Things aren’t always equal.
    * Social mores change every generation. Yesterday’s sacred cows are tomorrow’s hamburgers.
    * Some times, some institutions deserve the crap that they get.

    Do you need any more reasons?

  9. I would say “there is truth is all jokes”. This person may say they are joking, but in a passive aggressive way, they were obviously trying to communicate a point. It is not appropriate to joke about anyone’s world view. Its like chopping someone’s nose off before giving them a rose to smell. You completely lose your viewpoint when you start making stupid jokes. I think this is a reminder to all of us not to say foolish things like this.

  10. Muhammad Goldstein

    [6] Ryan, so you have met 1.5 billion Muslims and can confidently report back that they are bigoted? Jesus, look in the mirror and thnk for a minute..

  11. So, Jeff, you think that human sensitivity should take precedent over someone’s constitutional rights to make jokes about whatever they want. It’s interesting how in this case, sensitivity takes precedent over rights, yet, in the case of building a Muslim victory mosque on the site of a great Muslim attrocity, you take the opposite view.
    In other words, yes, Jeff, you’re overreacting.

    1. Brian, it’s important for every blog to have a resident loon. You’re mine. I actually argued the opposite—that the constitutional right to build the mosque is 100 times more important than the bruised feelings.

  12. Thanks Jeff, where does that leave me? Seriously though, why is it ok to build this “cultural center” or whatever it is on, like Brian said, the site of a great Muslim attrocity because it’s guaranteed in the constitution, but it’s a huge deal if someone burns a koran? Show me an example of a Muslim speaking out when the kook in Iran says the Holocaust never happened or a Saudi court says it’s ok for some 85 year old man to marry a seven year old girl.

  13. There are a couple of things:

    Brian, is there really a part in the Constitution that gives American citizens the right to make jokes? Seriously? Who sponsored this bill, Rep. Shecky Green?

    I must have missed that day in US History class.

    Doug, should there be no churches or YMCAs or Christian Cultural Centers in Oklahoma City or Belfast or any other city where Christian terrorists (and this includes all abortion center bombings) have struck? Be consistent in your thinkings, man.

    And what does an Iranian idiot denying the holocaust or the findings of a Saudi court have to do with anything.

    For years the Catholic Church has denied that any wrongs were transpiring between Catholic priests and altar boys. For years the Church was selling indulgences to poor ignorant people “guaranteeing” their passage into heaven.

    Again, consistency in thought.

  14. Byron; freedom of speech gives people the right to make jokes. Haven’t you ever heard of Lenny Bruce or George Carlin?
    Jeff; why do you think I’m a loon because I think the rights to build a victory mosque next to the site of an attrocity aren’t any more important than the rights of free expression that allows us to make jokes or burn Quarans?

  15. Jeff, you seem to have a very guilty conscience. Why are you so hard on pretty much every religion except Islam? As far as hateful bigoted religions go, I’d say they’re leading the pack. Especially when it comes to gay rights and womens rights, one of which I know you care a lot about.

  16. Jeff,

    You gotta admit without qualifiers that your Tebow jokes are equal to the one you were offended by here.

    Best in 2012,


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