I’m the DJ, he’s the rapper

So here’s a weird one. This weekend I’m DJing my wife’s aunt’s 50th high school reunion.

Technically I’m not a DJ, though the wife and I DJed our friends’ wedding a bunch of years back, and as a high schooler I teamed up with Ari Pollack to form DJ Connection, our short-lived (one gig) DJ business. But I love music; love watching people respond to music; own about 4,500 songs on my laptop and have an insanely cool DJ program called djay. Plus, when my aunt called in a panic last week, saying, “I don’t think the person we have knows what he’s doing,” well, how could I say no?

I disgress. Have been debating some issues with the wife, would love a general take:

A. The attendees will be, on average, 68. Can I play songs from Thriller?

B. Are there any absolute must-play songs from the class of 1960?

C. Is there any possible way I can throw one hiphop song up there (even something like It Takes Two or Bust A Move) and not kill the mojo of the party?

D. Will people respond to Love Shack? How about September?