I am depressed

Because this country genuinely seems to be going to shit.

Seriously, I can’t stomach it. The Republicans are about to win back the House, and maybe the Senate. Being 100 percent sincere, I’d be moderately OK with this (gridlock is sometimes democracy’s greatest safeguard) were so many of the GOP candidates not complete and total loons. Or, if not loons, complete and total evil, give-everything-to-the-rich fearmongerers.

I mean, is there a worse person in the world than John Boehner, the soon-to-be Speaker of the house. Here, read this and tell me. Honestly, it’s not that Boehner is a Republican, or even an arch-conservative Republican. It’s that he’s all about taking care of his corporate donors, and he makes no bones about it. Doesn’t try to hide it, doesn’t try to throw some sticks toward the poor. Just a greedy, money-got-me-into-politics sack of shit.

There’s no much I can do, sadly, except vote for Andrew Cuomo (who I don’t exactly love) here in New York and hope for the un-worst.

But it’s looking very bad.

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  1. It’s not like he bought GM with federal money and then handed it over to the unions that put him in office.

    Open your fucking eyes, Jeff. This happens on both sides of the aisle.

    1. I agree it happens on both sides. But one side MAJORS in it—the side that denies gays equal rights, has the support of less than 2 percent of black Americans, is fighting to give tax cuts to Americans making more than $250,000, the side that supported invading Iraq, the side that has convinced its followers the president is Muslim. That side.

      And where are the Democrat nutjobs?

  2. Democrat nutjobs, I’m assuming you mean present company excluded. In an economy like this, the way to bounce back is to CUT taxes, for everyone. Simple economics tells us that money isn’t stuffed into mattresses, it’s invested in business, which in turn creates jobs. That has a trickle down effect for everyone looking for a job. This wouldn’t apply to people who have been made perminant wards of the state on welfare by the democrats. Generations of people who have been convinced that the only way to survive is to vote democrat and collect your welfare check because democrats care. Give me an effin break, democrats have ruined the black family and patted themselves on the back and said great job. Check out Cafferty’s take on your “whore” pelosi, http://www.globalclimatescam.com/2010/01/pelosis-copenhagen-climate-summit-trip/. Congress has been controlled by democrats for the last four years, and you’ve damn near bankrupt our counrty. Until you call out the muslims for they’re treatment of gays, your self rightous, selective argument is really weak.

    1. That is as selective a history of modern government as I’ve read. To begin with, YOUR president caused this friggin’ financial collapse with the galling lack of regulation and the dedication—logic be damned—to tax cuts as a cure-all. Second, there are more whites than blacks on welfare, and if you think cutting taxes for the wealthiest solves that problem, you’re on crack. We all learned eons ago that trickle down economics is complete and utter bullshit. The poor don’t get wealthier by the government helping the rich … it’s a stupid belief. Just stupid.

  3. Interesting thing about the rich with their tax cuts.
    They buy foreign. Not American.
    They vacation out of the country, private islands make a great get away. Nothing like renting a Bahama based Yacht for some privacy.

    I agree though, both have toooooo many liars and cheats.

  4. I would be interested in knowing how many new jobs were created by rich folk getting tax cuts compared to foreigners creating new jobs.
    Where I live there are few new jobs but there is talk of a foreign investor opening a solar panel plant.
    He will be opening it in a building vacated by another foreign company, Hyundai.
    The main boost to the economy has been in construction. The bridges and dams are deteriorating and the Federal Government is funding necessary work.
    Seems to me less taxes risks those jobs. Without funding the infrastructure to keep this country running is at risk.

  5. Key words were “in an economy like this”. And the main cause of the economic collapse was everyone being able to qualify for home loans they couldn’t afford. Do you think the poor get wealthier by getting food stamps, like your girl Pelosi? Democratic economic policies don’t work. They may ease democrats guilty consciences, but they don’t work. If they did, Detroit would be a booming metropolis, Greece would be thriving and the Soviet Union would have won the cold war.

  6. Doug
    The poor survive by getting food stamps.
    A friend of mine is 60 years old. When the economy went south his hours were severely cut. He didn’t take food stamps, just tightened his belt. Then he was laid off. Looking for work he found it wasn’t real easy for someone his age to get a job.
    He had to get food stamps to survive, finally he got a job earning very little. All he wants to do is survive until he can retire, on SS if it’s there.
    Food stamps allowed him to keep his home and live.

  7. Doug,

    Detroit was a booming metropolis during the 1930s and 40s, when Democratic economic policies were in full effect.

    The city started to really die in the 1980s, when Reaganomics ruled the land.

    But, hey, no need to let pesky facts get in the way of a good argument.

  8. jmw, I agree food stamps are necessary and I hope I never need them, but would use them in a second if it were that or my family going hungry. A few days ago Nancy said they and unemployment insurance will pull our economy out of the recession. I was referring to her statement. I would also hope to get off them as soon as possible and take back control of my life, as I’m sure your friend would also like to do.

  9. Jim, we weren’t importing many Japanese cars during the 30’s and 40’s either. Unions have had a strangle hold on detroit since then, and look where they are now. The government (dems) had to buy our countries largest company, and guarantee billions to Unions to keep their vote. They’re doing (have done) the same to California.

  10. Doug,
    Before you go blaming Obama for bailouts please don’t forget AIG was a Bush bailout.
    Yes Obama did vote for it, but it was pleaded for by the Republicans.
    Of course AIG used their bailout money to pay themselves bonuses. Obama questioned why they deserved bonuses and pay raises.
    They also paid somewhere around a million dollars for “retreats” to fancy resorts.
    As I recall a significant percentage of the American bailout money went to Europe.
    Should we have bailed out the auto industry? Probably not. However they are at least paying back the money. GM paid the money back 5 years ahead of schedule.

  11. Doug, just a thought on the article from the American Thinker. If they would just THINK about it, until the loan is paid off payments toward the loan will impact the bottom line.
    The US Treasury Dept. responded to Sen. Grassley’s claim that the GM payback was an “an elaborate TARP money shuffle”. The Treasury department said it was all OK.
    The money was established for future expenses. Because GM is no longer in need of that money it is OK to use it to pay back the loan. If they had not turned the corner the money would have been need by GM.

  12. If we took half the time we all spend trying to assign blame for our problems and instead used it to brainstorm or discuss how to solve said problems, we might actually have progress. Instead, all we hear is “Your president did this!” and “No, YOUR president did that!” completely oversimplifying topics so dense with countless variables that none of us truly understand them.

    I guess we never outgrew “My dad can beat up your dad” playground debates. My dad would totally win anyway.

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