I am depressed

Because this country genuinely seems to be going to shit.

Seriously, I can’t stomach it. The Republicans are about to win back the House, and maybe the Senate. Being 100 percent sincere, I’d be moderately OK with this (gridlock is sometimes democracy’s greatest safeguard) were so many of the GOP candidates not complete and total loons. Or, if not loons, complete and total evil, give-everything-to-the-rich fearmongerers.

I mean, is there a worse person in the world than John Boehner, the soon-to-be Speaker of the house. Here, read this and tell me. Honestly, it’s not that Boehner is a Republican, or even an arch-conservative Republican. It’s that he’s all about taking care of his corporate donors, and he makes no bones about it. Doesn’t try to hide it, doesn’t try to throw some sticks toward the poor. Just a greedy, money-got-me-into-politics sack of shit.

There’s no much I can do, sadly, except vote for Andrew Cuomo (who I don’t exactly love) here in New York and hope for the un-worst.

But it’s looking very bad.