Jerry Brown vs. Meg Whitman

Just watched some of last night’s Jerry Brown-Meg Whitman debate for California governor.

Whitman, a Republican and the former CEO of Ebay, should be kicking Brown’s ass. He’s a retread. He’s old. He already served as governor. People consider him to be nuts. And yet … and yet … and yet—he’s an insanely good debater, and Whitman—throughout the campaign—has come off as wooden and oddly dopey. Plus, she really screwed the pooch with that whole nanny thing. You can’t blast the employers of illegal immigrants and then, oops, employ an illegal immigrant. It’s also hard to call for cash breaks for the rich—when you’re a filthy rich sista in a phat car and a big ol’ house (or 10). Which isn’t to say Meg Whitman would make a bad governor. She’s obviously competent, and just because one sucks in a debate setting doesn’t mean she/he would be a poor state executive.

But the more I see Moonbeam Brown, the more I remember why I like him. He’s tough, feisty and seemingly real. He’s very liberal, which I dig, and unafraid to show it.

He’s got my vote.

Except I’m in New York.