I know many people who use religion to justify their homophobia. It must stop—now.

Do yourself a favor and watch this. We should all be embarrassed …

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  1. It is NOT the reason.
    Primitive societies also are anti gay.
    I have known people of zero faith that are anti gay.
    I have also heard Darwinism used as an excuse why homosexuality is unnatural – the impossible to breed line of thought.

    Assigning blame where it doesn’t belong doesn’t end the problem.

  2. Religion did not pop up one day. It was formed over time and codified by people, who believe as they have always believed that those who are different are bad. So, anti-homosexuality was written into religion. The egg, in this case, came before the chicken. Anti-homosexuality predated religion.

    Religion, however, is the catalyst for this bullying and anti-gay sentiment in our society. So, of course, is power. Conservative leaders probably don’t care as much as we think they do whether or not their two male neighbors have sex with each other. But they know damn well that voters and radio listeners do care and those are the folks that give them power. So, they play to the masses and preach anti-gay sentiments, which filter down to the kids, who hardly need a reason to be mean to people who are different. Same as people always were, to come full circle. This just reinforces it.

    In a time where many politicians – even liberal ones – are too scared to get out in front of this, I give all the credit in the world to Joel Burns and other leaders who combat the bullies in the schools and those in the media. It’s amazing that it’s news when a politician says “let’s not torment our children.” But that’s our society. Always has been.

  3. This is powerful, and I do feel embarrassed for the stupid, insensitive shit I’ve said to people, as an adult and especially as a kid. Kids are notoriously cruel, mean and insecure. Your wifes column could help a lot of people on this front, but sadly too many parents don’t care. This guy’s message is about ten thousand times more effective than the fckh8 morons above.

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