Quick Knicks observation

While working out at the gym tonight, Celtics-Knicks was on. My first chance to see Anthony Randolph, the heavily hyped forward New York received from Golden State in exchange for David Lee.

In a word: Blech.

My least-favorite kind of basketball player. Receives a pass—shoots. Dribbled up the court—shoot. Falling away, head turned toward the stands—shoots. Grabs a rebound—shoots. I saw him play for approximately seven minutes, and it’s all I need to make the assessment that this guy is bad news (not as a human; just as a forward).

It’s funny—as a kid I loved players like Randolph, because they filled up stat sheets, and stat sheets were all I needed. In baseball, I assumed San Diego’s Gene Richards was legend, because his average was always around .300. In hoops, I never understood how Tony Campbell of the T-Wolves wasn’t playing for a better team, what with his 22 ppg. On the football field, Lam Jones was going to be the greatest Jet receiver of them all, because he boasted 4.3 speed.

Now, it’s Randolph.

People here are excited about the Knicks, and I think it’s severely misplaced. I obviously like Amar’e Stoudemire, the team’s first legitimate star since the Houston-Spree days. But is Ray Felton a guy you want playing point? Do they have a center who can even average, oh, 8 points and 7 rebounds? Can a bench with dudes like Roger Mason and Bill Smith produce?

I think, uh, no.

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  1. Jeff, when it comes to basketball, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Randolph has some bad habits and has been playing badly right now, but his potential is unlimited. Literally. He’s spent his entire career playing for a coach who hated him and wouldn’t let him do much. D’Antoni lets him do it all, so he needs to hone his talents. As for the rest of the team, they’re not amazing but it’s the best team we’ve had in a decade. And Roger Mason is a legit talent. Dude was a 6th man and starter for a playoff Spurs team two years ago.

  2. Props to DG for the tight comment. Knicks will win 35-40 games and be fun to watch.

    Btw, how comes nobody mentions D’Antoni? Dude has presided over 2 losing seasons…which Vinny Del Negro could easily do at a much lower salary.

    Mike D needs to step up his own game.

  3. If i were to watch both the Knicks, and Randolph, as a casual fan of basketball, perhaps I would share the same sentiments. Indeed Randolph was a turnover prone chuck. (5 turnovers, assists). In fact I felt alot of similar feelings as I watched him play. However, with less than 100 nba games under his belt, and all but 21 years of age, the kid certainly has a chance to prove him self. Again, I reiterate…. 21 years old. Secondly, while the d-lee trade brought over randolph(prized asset), lets mention that it also brought over R. Turiaf. A defensive, scrappy, pf/c, the likes of a poor mans ben wallace in his prime. Im not defending the kid here as a basketball player, Im simply saying that maybe after watching,or perhaps just hearing or reading about, years of terrible basketball in nyc, you’ve turned sour. While we are certainly not competing for a championship, the knicks do have bright spots. I understand that watching the the game with ipod headphones on for 7 minutes you probably missed them. The two second round picks, especially rautins look promising for what they are. Mozgov, has a chance to develop into an athletic second option at the 5. Felton is certainly an upgrade from duhon, and douglas plays hardnosed d. The thing is, Nyc needs the knicks to be relevant. Nyc is basketball, and it hasnt felt that way in along time. The pick up games of the 90’s which you had to call “next” for 3 games in advance, seem a distant memory. Rather than taint the season before it starts, lets see how it plays out.

  4. Absolutely agree, Georgy. The Knicks are actually one of the more original teams in the game. At any time, they’ll have 3 near-7 footers on the court (mozgov, amare, randolph, gallinari, turiaf), a 6’8 stopper in Chandler, and a solid point guard in Felton, not to mention a decent bench. The only other team who has that size is the Lakers. Also, in addition to Amare (one of the league’s top players and an emerging leader here), they have two completely prototypical players in Gallinari and Randolph. There’s no one in the league like Randolph (closest comparison is Amare) and Gallinari is Dirk 2.0. We won’t win, but we’ll have fun losing and may surprise a lot of ppl.

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