Haunted House ’10

So every Halloween for the past six or seven years we’ve hosted a big shindig at our house. All the neighbors come over, we show that Charlie Brown pumpkin flick, eat pizza, go trick or treating.

It’s my favorite holiday of the year, without question, and it always ends byme frightening little kids with our basement haunted house.

I work my butt off on this thing. Pimp it up a little more every year, adding ghosts and webs and scary noises and such. This year I’m going to follow my daughter Casey’s advice and make it a haunted bedroom. Pull the covers off the comforter and—BOO! My nephew, in a mask, jumps out. Good stuff.

Long story short—two days ago my son and I went to CVS for accessories. We got a skull that makes noises, a dangloing spider that droops down with movement, some strobe lights and a scarecrow mask. The grand total was around $35, which is fine and dandy in the name of the house. But the mask itself cost $9.50. The wife was confused—why would I spend $9.50 on such a thing? I, on the other hand, think it’s pretty freaky, and will scare the masses for years.