Received this e-mail today. It’s funny how one person can take one message from a letter, someone else can get something totally different.

Personally, I applaud Chicago for not allowing these fucking nuts to bring increased violence to an already-too-violent metropolis.

Evil. But not surprising.


Dear Fellow Gun Owner:

On June 28, 2010, the United States Supreme Court handed down a decision known as McDonald v. Chicago, declaring that the Second Amendment means what it sayscannot deny law-abiding citizens their Right to Keep and Bear Arms. — and that government

But just four days later, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and his City Council issued a declaration of their own — making it clear that they have no intention of respecting the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Instead, they enacted a city ordinance that effectively nullifies the Court’s decision through a blizzard of roadblocks, regulations and red tape — carefully designed to make sure honest citizens never get through the process and never get a gun.

In blunt terms, Mayor Daley has declared that freedom is NOT a right, but a privilege to be granted by government officials — and that he alone will dictate which freedoms Chicago residents are allowed to enjoy, as surely as King George told the American colonies that his word alone would be the supreme law.

Every gun-ban politician in America has an eye on this battle.

And if you and I allow Mayor Daley’s attacks on freedom to go unchallenged, we’re going to see this new gun-ban strategy start to spread like a virus — city by city, county by county, and state by state all across America.

And the first step toward winning this battle must begin with your answers on the special NRA Emergency Gun Rights Survey. Click here to take your survey NOW.

By answering this Survey, you’re drawing a line in the sand — making it clear to politicians across the country that you’re not going to stand by while a handful of extremist gun-banners try to warp the Constitution to suit their personal political aims.

And your answers will put teeth in our NRA message because they’ll prove that I speak for you and every one of America’s 80 million gun owners.

With all my heart, I believe that the NRA has a historic role to play right now in keeping our country free.

So if you’re angry at the arrogance of politicians who refuse to represent you. if you’re fearful for the survival of freedom when elected officials do all they can to steal it or destroy it. and if you want an America as free and safe for your kids as it was for us, then register your anger and outrage by sending them a message they cannot ignore.

With your survey answers, help NRA tell the truth and protect FREEDOM.

But answering this survey is only one part of the commitment I need you to make, and just the first step in a very long and expensive battle.

NRA needs your help to vastly increase our legislative efforts in city halls, in county councils, in state legislatures and in the United States Congress. We’ll need to defeat more politicians at election time who deny citizens basic access to the Bill of Rights.

Most important and urgent of all, NRA needs to step up our efforts like never before to reach out to the American people — in an intensive, long-term media campaign that takes our message to American gun owners on television, on the radio, in newspapers and magazines, on the Internet, and by mail and phone.

There is no other organization in this country today that can get the job done, for the simple reason that you and your fellow gun owners have the passion and vision to get involved and protect your freedoms.

And that’s why, when you return your completed NRA Emergency Gun Rights Survey, I need you to help lead this fight by answering this survey and joining NRA. If you act today, you can join NRA for one year for the low rate of $25. That’s a $10 savings off the normal rate of $35.

If we continue down this road — where elected officials are allowed to rip whole pages from the Bill of Rights based on their own petty political views — then the entire ideal of American freedom eventually unravels. That’s why I say that this battle is about more than the Second Amendment, it’s about the entire future of freedom.

You know who NRA is and what we do. You also know that the most important benefit of NRA membership is our power to fight for your firearm freedoms every day.

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But NRA is only as strong as your commitment. So please, answer your Survey and return it with your NRA membership dues as soon as you can by clicking here now — as the first step toward winning our country back. Thanks again for your fast reply and your committed support.


Wayne LaPierre
Executive Vice President