Josiah Leming

A couple of years ago the Wall Street Journal asked me to write a profile of Josiah Leming, the American Idol castoff who’d just signed a deal with Warner Brothers records.

I spoke with Leming via phone, and he was cool. Interviewed his mother, also—she was dying of cancer, and couldn’t have been prouder. The story was all set to run … formerly homeless kid with a cancer-plagued mother who was defying the odds to make it. Then the record label got mad at Leming … told him to stop helping me and to do everything in his power to have the piece killed. Which it was—because the idiots at Warner wouldn’t confirm they’d signed Leming (which they had).

Long story short: Instead of having their guy profiled in the nation’s third largest newspaper, Warner got nothing. Zip. Nada.

Checked Leming’s Wikipedia page a few minutes ago. It said his debut album came out earlier this year. Kid doesn’t even have his own website.


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  1. Listen to jlmiam and give Josiah a second chance. He should have gotten some press by Warner sooner, but their poor judgment needs to be put to rest. And what exactly does having a website mean? Nada! Facebook, myspace, twitter, and YouTube…that’s more like it…and he’s all over Those.

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