Was curious how much my books were selling for on eBay. Can snag Clemens for 99 cents—no surprise there. But one guy is actually peddling an autographed copy of the Bonds book … for $35.95.

If anyone out there wants, I’ll sign the book, come to your house and read it while feeding you ice cream sundaes for $35.94 …


PS: This cover repeatedly bit me in the ass. If I did 80 phone interviews with various radio stations to promote the book, I’d say 35 of them thought the title of the thing was “Barry Bonds and the Making of an Anti-Hero.” Oy.

3 thoughts on “$34.95”

  1. I’d pay 40 if it’s peanut butter ice cream.

    As a young Giants fan, I was convinced the man was a “necessary evil” for my team. Sure, he was loathed, but I wouldn’t want to be without him. Years later, after reading report after report of inconclusive results from steroid effects and remarkably self-aware interviews with Bonds, that opinion has changed drastically. An ex-Giant trainer I had would tell stories that depicted a very different character than the one commonly portrayed (Fun fact: The Giant most obsessed over bulking up via any means necessary was Armondo Rios)

    I definitely will pick up a copy of this after finishing Krakauer’s Tillman book.

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