Usually spend one night per week at the Mirage Diner in New Rochelle. It’s a good place to write, because the manager lets me sit for hours without ordering much, it’s quiet and they have an outlet.

That said …

Tonight I entered the bathroom of the Mirage, and saw one of the busboys cleaning the toilet. He wasn’t wearing gloves, and was wiping the rim with a paper towel. When he finished, he just walked out—no hands washing, nothing. Went right to a table to get their plates and see if they needed more water.

I’m so repulsed, can’t even describe it. Can I ever eat there again?

Not sure.

5 thoughts on “Ew”

  1. I’m not nearly as phobic as you are, Jeff, but I am completely with you on this. I’d think long and hard whether I go back there again.

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