Peter King …

… called someone out today in his weekly NFL column. And I love it.

Peter wrote: “I like Charley Casserly a lot — and have great respect for his football knowledge. And I think he’s doing a fine job at his new job with CBS as the info guy. But just after 4 p.m. Saturday, I reported on NBC that NFL VP of Security Milt Ahlerich would meet on Tuesday with Favre to discuss the Favre-Jenn Sterger controversy. I put the info out on Twitter immediately, and posted it within an hour. It was on several other blogs. Twenty hours after it was made public, Casserly said, “we have learned” Ahlerich would debrief Favre on Tuesday.”

ESPN has made an art out of stealing information, then claiming it as its own. They’ve done it for years and years, and it infuriates me. I know Peter a bit, and he’s a wonderful guy. Never looks to go out of his way to slam people.

I don’t know Casserly, but this sorta stuff is pathetic. He should know better …

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  1. Casserly was the guy who last week said that Randy Moss was traded because he told Tom Brady that his hair looked like a girl’s.*

    *Which it does.

    However, I doubt that Bill Belichick gives a crap what Moss thinks about Brady’s hair and probably wouldn’t trade him because of that.

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