Typical bullshit

All I hear from the GOP is “Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut!”

Then, when asked what to cut, they say, “Uh … hub … meh … ah … ah … eh … deh … meh … hmm … eh … ugh … glub … bleh … cut taxes … ah … eh … hem.”

This is a truly remarkable interview, and Chris Wallace, Fox’s golden light of decency, steps up. Carly Fiorina might not be a fraud, but she’s an utterly ludicrous candidate. Seriously—you run on cutting spending, and you can’t name one single thing you’d cut? Really?

5 thoughts on “Typical bullshit”

  1. Not surprising. I just had an exchange on Facebook with a friend-of-a-friend, a Republican with l(L?)ibertarian and Tea Party sympathies who declared she was ‘in a very angry, feisty mood when it comes to our current situation and… just want the current people OUT’ and elsewhere mentioned gov’t overspending. But when pressed for reasons for her anger she said nothing more than ‘the incumbents have outlived their usefulness’; and said absolutely nothing when asked what in the federal budget she would cut first (though another TeaPublican admitted ‘I’d have to think about what federal expenditures I’d want to cut’—i.e., I support a smaller government but I have yet to start thinking about that that means’.

    It’s also worth noting the full context of her above ‘feisty’ quote: “I have not paid the slightest bit of attention to the candidates as I am in a very angry, feisty mood when it comes to our current situation and… just want the current people OUT.” Ah, so we’re voting out incumbents while utterly blind to the dangers of the new candidates.

    Both are examples of what passes for perfectly responsible citizenship among these folks. I am very afraid.

  2. How pissed off Fiorina must have been after that interview. I’m sure she expected the standard fat softball questions and oozing love from the usual Fox sycophants and instead got nothing but the same hard fastballs up and in, over and over. Wallace isn’t a tenth of the journalist his dad is, but he did his job here.

  3. I got a mailer from a guy running for my State Rep. It had bullet points. The first one was “Cut taxes and spending.” The second one was “Improve education.” Er, yes. Let’s improve education by cutting spending. Sure, that’ll work. My daughter’s high school is one of the financially healthiest in my area but I still had to pay 300 bucks to put her on the bus…but, sure, let’s cut spending and improve education.

    It’s never about spending with these guys. It’s about taxes. Before Carly Fiorina got her ass fired at HP, I’m sure she made some good coin. Poor baby actually had to pay *taxes*. That’s what it’s all about.

  4. Sometimes it is about spending. the government throwing money at a problem pretty much NEVER works. If your looking for ways to cut spending, check out Stossels archive on realclearpolitics.com This site has articles from both sides of the aisle. Here’s an example http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2010/02/17/education_too_important_for_a_government_monopoly_104432.html
    Government spending has outpaced taxes and inflation. spending on education hasn’t been passed on to the students, it’s been passed on to the unions.

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