Ew: II

Called the Mirage Diner today to complain about the guy cleaning the toilet with bare hands, then going out and serving water, drinks, food. Got a manager on the phone, and he was apologetic. Then he asked me which guy it was … do I remember what he looked like, etc.

The goal here is to make a nasty diner cleaner, not to get someone fired. So I told him I hadn’t really noticed. “OK,” he said. “I’ll talk to them all again about wearing gloves. That’s our policy here, and they need to follow it.”

I was glad to hear this, but not so sure I’ll be going back. The diner has always struck me as sorta grimy, in that one never knows where that curly hair atop the burger originated from. The floors are pretty nasty, the bathroom is absolutely revolting, the smell, well, it smells like a moldy diner.

But they do let me sit there all the time. And the Diet Coke and coffee are refilled gratis.


Above is the video of my call. Something is messed with the audio, so it didn’t come through very well. But I DID call.