People here are in an uproar this morning, and feeling awfully uncomfortable about A.J. Burnett starting Game 4 against the Rangers.

They should.

Burnett is terrible. Not like sorta terrible. Terrible, like Pittsburgh Pirates No. 4 starter terrible. If I’m the Yankees, I don’t do this. Baseball fans tend to believe in magic, but when someone has pitched this awfully for this long of a stretch, magic doesn’t work. Pep talks don’t work. Positive reinforcement don’t work. Nothing works.

I’m no psychic, and I’ve been wrong as often as I’ve been right, but the Rangers are winning this series. They’re gonna thump Burnett, and then Cliff Lee will wrap up the fourth victory. They’re not a great team, but they are an awfully good one.

Plus, who needs another Yankees World Series?

Not me.

4 thoughts on “Yankees”

  1. I think AJ will pitch a good game. He has taken a lot of (deserved) criticism and I’m sure he was miffed about being dropped from the ALDS rotation. Thus, I think he will be extra determined to try to shut up the nay-sayers.

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