Anthony Morrow?

Am watching Nets-Celtics game on Yes Network. Not sure why—pre-season basketball is excruciatingly dull, and the Nyets are sub-excruciating.

Back in the day, I was a pretty big Nets fan. Dennis Hopson, Chris Morris, Sam Bowie, Mike O’Koren, Kenny and D.C. and Drazen—those were my players. Not nearly as big a fan now as I was then, but right now I’m stumped. The announcers just went over the team’s planned starting lineup from 2010-11, and Anthony Morrow is the shooting guard.

Anthony Morrow.

Literally, I didn’t know this man existed before right now. I mean no ill-will—he’s probably a nice guy, and anyone on an NBA roster had significant talent. But I can’t recall a time when I didn’t know a Net starter. Oy.

Along those lines, where the hell is Stephon Marbury? Talk about a hard fall—invisible. Gone. Never to return.

5 thoughts on “Anthony Morrow?”

  1. Not the greatest player, but he’s among the best shooters in the league. Probably the best 3P shooter anyway. He would have fit in perfectly in Chicago where they have a good team, but in New Jersey? Ehhh.

  2. As the picture shows, he was on my local team, the Warriors, the past two years. He can shoot (46% from 3-pt range), but didn’t do much else, though he has been conditioned by Don Nelson, who didn’t care about things like defense and rebounding. Maybe D’Antoni will demand a more complete game from him. But he does seem like a good fit in D’Antoni’s “seven seconds or less” offense.

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