Tattoo @ 16

Was just talking with Shakia, the 20-year-old employee here at the Panera in Yonkers. Shakia is a lovely woman—soft-spoken, friendly, pretty. She has a big tattoo on the left side of her neck that spells out her name. It caught my eye, so I asked her the background.

“I got it when I was 16,” she said. “A big regret.”

Shakia says, thanks in large part to the tattoo, getting a job has been a beast. Here, everyone wears a collar, and hers is up. Not her choice.

I see more and more high school kids (especially athletes) with tattoos, and I always think the exact same thing: Are you out of your fucking mind?

Youth is fleeting. Youth is dumb. Ideas that seem wise—”I’m gonna get a tattoo with the Nike swoosh being straddled by a naked stripper!”—never work out.

So take it from your Uncle Jeffie, kids. If you’re gonna get a tattoo, grow up first.

4 thoughts on “Tattoo @ 16”

  1. Dated a lady that had gotten a small tattoo of a rose on her back shoulder blade.
    Got it when she was young, wasn’t offensive at all. She grew tired of it and wanted it removed.
    Possible, but irked her to spend that much money.

  2. Disagree on this one. Tattoos themselves are fine. Tattoos on your neck? Not so much. I’ve been teaching at a conservative private school for five years now with a tattoo covering the entire underside of my forearm. Wear a long sleeved shirt.

  3. I advise everyone to get an ill-advised tattoo. My counseling/painful laser-based tattoo removal service should be up and running by 2012.

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