Watch this—and try *not* getting angry

If your blood doesn’t boil after watching this video, it never will.

Joe Miller, Republican candidate for United States Senate, holds an event at a public school in Anchorage. A reporter for the Alaska Dispatch named Tony Hopfinger is arrested and cuffed by Miller’s prive security detail for asking questions that, apparently, annoyed the candidate (who has made it clear he doesn’t want to deal with the media—which is understandable, because a lot of juice is apparently there). Then other members of the press gather to report on the story—and they’re detained by the thug guards.

As if that’s not enough, the thug guards tuen out to be active-duty members of the military. And, according to the Anchorage Daily News, Miller lied about their presence. From the newspaper:

Was Joe Miller required to bring a security detail to his town hall meeting Sunday at Central Middle School?

That’s what Miller, the Republican Senate candidate, told two national cable news networks Monday in the wake of the arrest by his security squad of an online journalist at his public event.

But the school district said there was no such requirement made of Miller . . . “We do not require users to hire security,” she said. . . .

Meanwhile, the Army says that two of the guards who assisted in the arrest of the journalist and who tried to prevent two other reporters from filming the detention were active-duty soldiers moonlighting for Miller’s security contractor, the Drop Zone, a Spenard surplus store and protection service.

The soldiers, Spc. Tyler Ellingboe, 22, and Sgt. Alexander Valdez, 31, are assigned to the 3rd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade at Fort Richardson. Maj. Bill Coppernoll, the public affairs officer for the Army in Alaska, said the two soldiers did not have permission from their current chain of command to work for the Drop Zone, but the Army was still researching whether previous company or brigade commanders authorized their employment.

To quote Glenn Greenwald from “The fact that Joe Miller has been defending the conduct of his private guards in handcuffing a journalist and threatening others with handcuffs should be disqualifying by itself.  That reveals a deeply disturbed authoritarian mind.  But the fact that these guards are active-duty U.S. soldiers makes this entire incident far more disturbing.  Shouldn’t American journalists of every stripe be vehemently protesting this incident?”

Here’s the worst part: The idiot Tea Party dolts who support Miller will love this. Blame the media! Damn the media! The same exact fools who fear government involvement in their lives—who literally stash guns for fear of a government takeover—will see no problem with this craziness.

And Miller will win …

PS: Miller is truly the worst of the worst. Need more proof? Enjoy.

22 thoughts on “Watch this—and try *not* getting angry”

  1. Wow, what an amazing display. Did you see the hatred in those G.I.s eyes? Imagine the thought of those thugs being able to earn a living in the private sector while they’re not on active duty, for shame! How the hell can the republicans hold a private event? I thought the dems were in charge of the government, those bastards have a lot of nerve. I just pray, not to god though, that those poor, unbiased reporters working in the public interest can somehow recover from this brutality. Thank you Jeff for bringing this gross miscarriage of justice to the surface, you sir are a beacon of light in the darkness that confronts us all.

  2. Meh, it looked to me like a private event that the guy with the camera was trying to crash. The security genuinely looked like they were doing everything they could to avoid confrontation. It didn’t appear to be some town hall meeting, but I really don’t know the nature of it. If the guy with the camera had anything incriminating it would have been on this.
    Frankly, I was hoping you were going to unload on NPR for firing that “bigot” Juan Williams tonight. This guy in Alaska might be a nut but this doesn’t prove or even show that he is.

    1. doug, you’re crazy. private officers deem themselves police and cuff and private citizen … and you’re ok with it? comfortable with it? i thought the firing of williams was misguided, but it’s at least arguable. this was not. in any way. again, were it a dem candidate tea partiers would be up in arms against government intrusion.

  3. Exactly what Greenwald said about Williams. When the teabaggers and repubs don’t like what someone has said or done they scream bloody murder and off with his head…when one of theirs does the same thing they cite freedom of speech and liberal media. Effing morons, I hate all of them.

  4. [7] Agreed, bunch of racist hypcrites. Scream about protecting the constitution then want to change the birthright laws (17th ammendment) and ban direct election of Senators.

    No surprise the Tea Party developed after Obama was surprise at all..

  5. Ted, I think you and Bill need to lay off the dope for a while. Williams is a liberal who doesn’t spew hatred 24/7, if that makes him one of ours, we’ll take him.
    Hey Mo, the dems tripling the federal budget deficit and running our country into the ground while passing idiotic legislation is the reason. But, screaming racism is the ONLY thing you d-bags can do now that you’ve fucked up everything else. The thing is, nobody is listening anymore, except for Ted and Jeff.

    1. Doug, more on this: What have WE screwed up? What, exactly, was working so swimmingly pre-Obama? Economy was in shambles, auto industry crumbling, consumer confidence in the shitter. I know you were armed and excited to label Obama a failure after two years—much as Repubs did with Clinton—but that’s not how it works. Your president left this nation in absolute shambles. MaybeObama’s not the answer—but he deserves more than 2 years to show.

  6. Jeff, instead of trying solve the economic problems by using the majority they had in congress, they used it to ram through a liberal agenda. instead of president Obama doing the things he campaigned on (uniting, transparency) he did the opposit. From bailouts that gave Unions billions that they’re now using to try and buy this election, to a healthcare plan nobody even read before pelosi blackmailed every dem to vote for it that even they now hate. Just about every turn they made was wrong. If they would have put people back to work and then did this we’d all be in a much better place. Look whats happening in France right now. five years ago students were rioting because there weren’t guarenteed jobs for them when they got out of college, now they’re rioting because there is not enough money for everyone to retire at 60. With two little children at home how can you not be concerned about the debt we’re hanging around they’re necks? Bush didn’t pan out like I had hoped, but to me he was preferable to Gore or Kerry.

    1. Ludicrous. Bush left us in a terrible mess. And, while you may not like to take into account economic facts, the bailouts saved us from further disaster. That’s pretty much written in blood.

  7. It’s crazy how two people can look at the same thing and see two completely different things. Clinton had the same problem after two years, then he started to work with congress (repubs) and things worked out pretty well. I sincerely hope that happens again.

  8. Really, Doug? You are suggesting that if Obama just worked with Republicans in Congress, his problems would go away? How did that work for Bush- oh, wait- the Republicans basically told Dems to go f themselves and did whatever they pleased, causing (or at least worsening) the mess we’re in.

    Yet Republicans cry and scream and moan anytime they don’t like whatever Obama says or does and does not work in good faith. I’m not saying that Obama’s been perfect, but Republicans took their ball and went home the day Obama took office. And I’m not even factoring in the Tea Partiers.

  9. Pearlman, Miller scares you cuz you know after November 2nd, he and the Tea Party will be calling the shots. And this is just a warm up for 2012 when Palin takes over.Come January 2013, you and your liberal media ilk will all be locked up and have the keys thrown out. The Government has no business in our private lives (accept when it comes to abortion and gay marriage or letting them into the military) REAL AMERICANS know this and will vote for this.

  10. I feel that most of these comments fall under Poe’s Law.

    Jeff, we all like reasonable discussion, but please do not try to reason with irrational people.

    I wish we’d all stop jumping to conclusions on political topics. I can guarantee that none of you have 100% assurance in your beliefs that something the government does is “right” or “wrong,” simply because we don’t know all the factors involved. I’ve heard so many simply just spout nonsense because thats what they’re programmed to say (by upbringing or by the media) that the decision directly goes against some moral code the individual is supposedly following.

    Political arguments are completely fine since there are infinitely many ways to tackle the many problems. However, if this is something you truly care about, do your own research to develop what you believe. Clearly, few here have.

    My final request for my beautifully naive world would be to stop categorizing everyone’s political agenda. Seriously. Knock it the heck off. Stereotyping is lazy.

    Can you tell that I’m frustrated with our country’s political perception?

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