Would Fonzie make a good dad?

Byron, one of the regulars here, debates the issue at his blog.

I’d argue no. Big heart—check. Ample living space—OK. But the guy had one thing and one thing only on his mind—getting laid. And as a married father of two, I can tell you that getting laid has nothing to do with this lifestyle.


Seriously, I’d take Arthur as my father. Milkshakes and burgers every night at Big Al’s. Babysat by Joanie (hubba hubba). Go everywhere via motorcycle. Grow up in suburban … Milwaukee.

Uh, never mind.

3 thoughts on “Would Fonzie make a good dad?”

  1. The best part of that picture is the “I” in Fonzi. Look at it, it’s a hair higher than the rest of the letters in his name.

    That leads me to believe the Mego (who I think made this action figure) probably didn’t know how to spell Fonzi.

    That’s all kinds of awesome.

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