My president

Can you name one Republican—just one—who would make this sort of address? And mean it?

That seems to be the key difference between Democrats and Republicans in 2010, and the reason why I continue to be a proud, outspoken liberal—empathy. My first concern isn’t my taxes (and I certainly don’t love them). My first concern isn’t the military. My first concern isn’t preserving marriage. My first concern—the first concern of most people I know—is empathy. Seeing the pain of others and finding a way to help. That, I always thought, was the meaning behind those WWJD bracelets; the meaning behind religion and humanity and outreach.

I married a social worker in part because I fell in love with her need to help the helpless. We try and teach that to our kids—you are lucky; share that luck with others; make a difference; give; give; give. I remember back in 2008, when Sarah Palin routinely mocked Barack Obama for being a community organizer. I thought it was such a heinous thing to mock someone over; the idea that making little money to do good was somehow unworthy.


2 thoughts on “My president”

  1. Jeff, I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’m like you.

    I’d rather be drive my old Saturn than drive a shiny new BMW if it meant I could help others.

    A lot of people helped me when I was younger and my mother was raising four kids on her own. Yes, we were on welfare and received that awful government cheese and milk, etc.

    If wanting to help others get on their feet makes me a liberal, I’ll proudly wear that label.

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