“Daddy loves you!” Shhhhhhh …

Had my heart broken tonight.

My delightful 7-year-old daughter, Casey, told me it embarrasses her when I yell “I love you!” out the window upon dropping her off at elementary school in the morning. I’m not sure why this hurt me, because I’m sure, at age 7, I would have been somewhat mortified, too. It’s just that, as much as I try and fight it, she’s growing up. Quickly. Cliche be damned, it does seem like yesterday that we were taking her to the pumpkin patch as an infant, leaning her up against the props in her LITTLE PUMPKIN outfit (see above photo) and taking pictures. I’d flop her around, she’d giggle and laugh and coo and do all those amazing things little infants do.

Now she’s 7. And embarrassed of me.

I suppose I’ll stop yelling “I love you!”

I’ll just whisper it instead.


7 thoughts on ““Daddy loves you!” Shhhhhhh …”

  1. Just tell her before she gets out of the car! She needs to hear it, but i guess her friends don’t. I remember when my mom used to have to drop me off on the side of the movie theater….heaven forbid someone i knew actually saw that i had a parent!

  2. Oh Jeff, we all have to suffer those slings and arrows. I can’t even kiss my 7-year-old on the forehead any longer when I drop her off at school. God forbid Rebecca or Allison may be watching. And, yes, it does seem like yesterday I was taking her to the pumpkin patch for photos as well. She’d lean her face against her hands and smile – it was the best. Now I’m lucky to get a wave.

    I’ve stopped yelling ‘I love you’ when she leaves for school, but now I just write it on her napkin at night when I pack her lunch. When she complains, I tell her I have to put that journalism degree to use somehow…..

  3. Kiss them and hug whenever however and and much as you want. This world lacks affection. It’s priceless to give and lasts forever. 20 years from now she won’t remember the friends that saw her do it but she will remember her father showing how much he loves her. Question Is why aren’t more parents doin that!

  4. I tell my daughters all the time, especially the 15 year old, “I am your father. Embarrassing you is my *job*. Live with it.” 🙂

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