Favre and Favre’s wee

There comes a point when most superstar athletes are more trouble than they’re worth.

Brett Favre has reached this point.

First, he’s not very good. Yes, once upon a time Favre was a Top-5 NFL quarterback. Right now, he’s not Top 25. I’d take him over Max Hall and Colt McCoy and maybe Matt Moore—but probably not. He’s really slow, he makes a gazillion ill-advised decision and, worst of all, his presence somehow keeps the Vikings from relying on Adrian Peterson, who happens to be, oh, the best player in the league. Favre is a gunslinger. In good times, that’s wonderful. But nowadays all he does is gunsling into the arms of opposing players. It’s laughably bad, and were I Tarvaris Jackson, I’d be demanding a trade. A release. A rebate. There’s no possible way, in October 2010, that Favre brings more to the table than Jackson. None.

Plus, there’s the whole voice message thing. Which just serves to remind us all that the man is sort of a dope. He says the penis pictures weren’t his. Know what? I don’t believe him. I really don’t. I’ve never seen Favre’s member (and don’t aspire to), but it just doesn’t add up.

Think he wishes he’d retired a year ago?

OK, other NFL thoughts:

1. Max Hall! Max Hall! Max Hall! This is what we do, until it turns out, oops, Max Hall isn’t so great. Maybe he will be, but clearly the Cardinals rookie isn’t an NFL starting quarterback.

2. The Jets are the best team in football. They truly are. Steelers should have lost, Ravens struggled to stop Buffalo, Patriots lack any sort of secondary. Now, will the Jets remain on the top? Not sure. Tomlinson’s been splendid, but there’s a lot of season to play; a lot of muscles to break down. Also, I don’t trust Sanchez. Not fully.

3. Oakland Raiders are a 9-7 team. Which isn’t dazzling, but something’s finally working there.

4. I’ve been watching the NFL Network’s Top 100 players. How they have Favre ranked ahead of Marino and Elway is laughable. L-a-u-g-h-a-b-l-e.

5. The Bengals suck, but I’m shocked by T.O.’s revival. Guy has been pretty damn good.

2 thoughts on “Favre and Favre’s wee”

  1. cool thing about Laidanian: he chalks up his rejuvenation entirely to coming to NY, calling Tiki to find out if could join him on the same insanely strenuous offseason program that gave Barber those last great years, and joined Tiki: running up mountains…etc. LT said on the radio that he felt six years younger. At least, at the end, Tiki is good for something.

  2. Tarvaris Jackson must feel like the most incompetent player in the NFL.
    He has to sit there and watch Brett suck and know he is considered to be inferior.
    Certainly hope (for the Minnesota fans) Favre finds himself observing instead of playing real soon.
    Gotta agree with the AP observation. Adrian seems to have found a way to clean the butter off his hands this year and deserves to be the force on that team.

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