What a commercial …

It’d be easy to slam this—and I’m sure many people will. But for my money, Nike has once again come up with one hell of a commercial. Granted, it all comes down to corporate greed and asking poor people to value sneakers over all else, but the commercial itself is brilliant.

Plus, there’s some truth to it. All the negatives shall pass, as soon as James plays well and smiles and scores some hoops. We move on from everything after enough time. And enough time has almost passed.

9 thoughts on “What a commercial …”

  1. The commercial certainly serves it purpose. People will likely buy the heck out of the shoes (Or, shoot each other for them). Still gotta feel for those poor Chinese kids though…

  2. This is great because it’s basically a big “fuck you” to everyone who trashed him and can’t wait to root against him. He already admitted to having an enemies list, and this commercial tells all of those people he knows why they feel the way they do, but what the hell can he do about it now? Well, he can start by bulldozing people on a basketball court.

    And that’s what he plans to do. I hated the guy for the whole “Decision” thing, but this is as brilliant as it is ballsy and egomaniacal. I love it. I still don’t like him, but I respect him a whole lot more.

  3. Agree with Keane. But there’s one interesting thing that no one is mentioning. It’s clear that Nike felt it needed to rebrand him. They’ve invested hundreds of millions in him through payment and product and clearly they felt his image had slipped enough that they needed to change the story and rebrand LeBron. It speaks volumes about how much he slipped that the only other person they’ve had to do that with is Tiger.

  4. Bold strategy! I’ve lost a lot of respect for LeBron, but even I have to give him mad props for the commercial. Nike’s definitely going bold with this.

  5. Had LeBron consulted the PR folks at Nike prior to eviscerating the city of Cleveland on national TV, this excellent commercial would not be necessary.

  6. Lebron: “What should I do?”
    Me: At least pretend you don’t think you are at the center of the universe. You play friggin’ basketball.

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