Brian Wilson

I know almost nothing about the Giants closer. Really, almost nothing. But this video is absolutely classic, and MUST be watched from beginning to end. Trust me, it’s worth it 1,000 times over …

9 thoughts on “Brian Wilson”

  1. Over the last two weeks, Brian Wilson has gone from a name I only know from fantasy baseball and All Star Games to one of my favorite players, just because of goofy deadpan shit like that. There’s a great clip of him on “Rome Is Burning”, too.

  2. I love him. My dad hates his dyed beard. He called him a douche. I love it, though. A baseball player with legitimate character? How many of those have there ever been?

  3. Let me rephrase: I know there have been many baseball player with personality, but compared to the other 3 major sports, baseball sorely lacks personality.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Jeff. As a Padres fan, I always found his antics to be a bit staged (faked).

    Ask a (certified) crazy people, if they’re crazy & you’ll likely get a denial. They might even tell you they’re not crazy before you ask. I guess he’s more zany or quirky. Fun, maybe? The show will get old soon enough.

    But, I enjoyed this video & he’s starting to grow on me. Guy probably reels in the girls too!

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