Jerry Brown drops the hammer

GREAT ad. Brilliant. Whitman has run a sloppy campaign, and he’s capitalized.


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  1. The question is–how many illegal aliens are voting for Senator Barbara Boxer and Gubernatorial hopeful Jerry Brown? California–The Sanctuary State, is a poor excuse for secure citizen voting. Just as one example. Blatant voter fraud happened in 1996 Democrat Loretta Sanchez defeated long-term Republican incumbent Republican Bob Dornan in a bid for the House seat in California’s 46th congressional district. Dornan’s loss was the result of votes cast by non citizens for Sanchez. Guaranteed–that before this election has ended, there will be serious inquiries into fraudulent registration on behalf of Democratic-Lib extremists.

    Are you ready for another $2.6 Trillion dollar tax bill (Heritage Foundation analysts), to add to the growing 13 Trillion dollar US treasury Deficit? Then you just vote for any Democrat, who is going to stick that bill on you, your grandchildren–with another illegal alien AMNESTY.

    Dump Senator Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and all the Pro-Amnesty, Anti-Sovereignty Democrats and Liberal fringe, including Governors, Mayors, Police Chiefs and elected officers. GOOGLE–Voter Fraud; Illegal alien costs; illegal aliens and Social Security. Search the facts for yourself, because Huffington Press, Washington, Post, Los Angeles Times and the New York Times and the left wing open border fringe media, will spit on the truth and tell you a bunch of lies and propaganda.In conclusion–Keep an eye on absentee ballots and the polling stations, as illegal aliens were caught voting in Houston, Texas. You don’t think it cannot happen in your state? GUESS AGAIN.? Dems are posturing again to win vote with a high speed bullet train, with a $900 Million loan from Washington. Another question that needs to be asked? Is how many Contractors are going to be hiring illegal aliens to fill their pockets with large profits, while there is approximately 15 million citizen-workers without jobs.

  2. Great Ad.

    Not a Californian so I don’t stay on top of the issue but it seems to me Jerry just said he cut taxes and waste 30 years ago. Seems he’d do it again.

    I’m Talkin’ to YOU Francis!

    As far as illegals voting hopefully the Republican Gov. has put in safeguards to protect against something like that.

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