Was watching an HBO film on Ted Williams this morning. Toward the end, they started talking about Ted’s death and, in the days afterward, his preservation at the Alcor treatment plant in Arizona.

The general tone was sad, sad, sad, sad. What a way to end the life of a legend like Ted Williams, etc … etc.

I sorta disagree.

Were I rich, and were I on my death bed with mucho money to spare, I might consider freezing myself with the hope of one day returning. Hell, why not? You’re dead. You don’t exist. You’re not coming back, and if you’re buried and eaten by the worms, you’re definitely not coming back. So why not take a shot at returning one day? Even if it’s 1 gazillion to 1?

The Alcor people seem professional. On the website, they all wear gloves and surgical masks. Their machines look clean. And so what if, as reported, they screwed up Ted’s head? In the future, all heads will be robotic, so it’s kosher.

In case you’re curious, here’s the website.

And here’s the pricing plan:

Minimum Cryopreservation Funding:

  • $150,000.00 Whole Body Cryopreservation ($65,000 to the Patient Care Trust, $70,000 for cryopreservation, $15,000.00 to the CMS Fund).
  • $ 80,000.00 Neurocryopreservation ($25,000 to the Patient Care Trust, $40,000 for cryopreservation, $15,000.00 to the CMS Fund).


  • $ 15,000.00 Surcharge for Members residing in the United Kingdom.
  • $ 25,000.00 Surcharge for Members outside the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom.
  • $ 25,000.00 Surcharge for cryopreservation of non-members arranged by a third party who is an Alcor Cryopreservation Member.
  • $ 50,000.00 Surcharge for cryopreservation of non-members arranged by a third party who is not an Alcor Cryopreservation Member.

7 thoughts on “Alcor”

  1. i think there have been a whole lot of bad reports about how alcor has treated teddy ballgame’s body afterwards. i seem to remember one of the employees saying his head was kicked around like a soccer ball.

    i didn’t see the movie but what saddened me in real life was his descendants bickering over what was to happen to his body. wasn’t there a big court struggle between them?

    it resonates strongly to me nowadays because i have an uncle who died a couple years ago. his wife had him cremated according to his wishes. this didn’t sit well with his mother and she has never forgiven my aunt for this. later his ashes were soread over the grand canyon and my grandmother acts like she has been stabbed in the back because of this.

  2. Alcor and cyryonics are just a scam, and not even a very clever one. Rather than giving them all your money, give it to your kids or to a worth charity.

    The story that Michael references about the mistreatment of Williams’ remains comes from a book by Scott Baldyga. (See:

    Ted Williams’ son, John Henry, feuded with his siblings over the disposition of his father’s remains and estate. The details are sad and sordid. John Henry died about 18 months after his dad.

  3. We’ll witness another .400 hitter before we see Ted Williams reanimated.

    $150,000 would be better served at a local food pantry.

  4. His head was kicked around like a soccer ball and hit with a golf club, with pieces of flesh chipped around the room. Absolutely horrifying. I forgot where I read this – SI, maybe? – but there was a really damning report about all this. Truly horrific stuff.

  5. Montville’s book is terrific, well-researched and thoughtfully written. In fact, it’s less about a baseball player than it is about a fascinating man.

    He absolute rips Williams’ son it. Tells about how John Henry would have his father sitting at a table for hours on end signing baseballs, bats, photos, hats, anything he could make a dollar on. Half the time Williams didn’t know where he was and what he was signing.

    Montville also kinda, sorta says that JH Williams forged a lot of Ted memorabilia.

    And while this is truly disgusting behavior, Ted Williams sounds like a pretty shitty father. He basically saw his kids as a hinderance, it’s no surprise that JH saw him as a pile of money.

    *BTW, before he died (when he was in his early 30s) JH Williams got the Red Sox to give him a season-long try out in their low minor leagues. He was terrible.

  6. Alcor is definitely a scam. I don’t needs a bunch of documented evidence to believe so. I only need to know one thing. The soul. Man cannot control it. It is that extremely tiny undetectable spark of life that occurs at conception. That same lifeforce that separates upon death. once it is gone, it cannot be brought back. To think of the waste of resources to “freeze” a dead body. Those guys are laughing all the way to the bank.

    I have personally seen some things in my lifetime to know without a doubt that the soul is a reality. No matter how skeptical I might have been beforehand. There is indeed a forbidden zone that man cannot go into. Where the soul comes from and goes to. We are not just robots. Robots, no matter how lifelike they seem, they always have that zombie look in their eyes. We do not. Unless we are dead. That look of life is the mirror to our soul. Nothing else on Earth can imitate it. The life force stands on its own. We are living in an age of fakery. Lies upon lies. A sellout world full of socially acceptable thieves. They will use any means of technology they can to convince people to give away their valuables to those who don’t need them.

    I think its high time we all crush the corporatism and consumerism. It is sucking the wisdom right out of people. Our ancestors were far wiser than we are today. I know. I have extensively studied the past. And we certainly are dumb and spoiled compared to them. We click buttons for a living. They worked their whole life for something we easily obtain in a week. But it meant something extraordinary to them, while we could care less what the meaning is.

    Alcor states a lie on their website: “People are now living longer, healthier lives than their grandparents.”


    People easily lived to well over 100 years old up to a couple decades ago. Now people are dropping like flies. There is far more poison in the food and water today. Everything is synthetic and chemical. LARD is good for you. But the experts lie and say not. Because its cheap and easy to make. They would rather you buy the hydrogenated poisons in a bottle. Thats one example of many. Rich assholes promoting rich assholes.

    Cryogenics is a scam. It is IMPOSSIBLE to bring back the dead. Death quickly becomes the past. And the past is no more. You cant go back in time. If you have an insurance policy, don’t waste it by giving it to the thieves. Give it to people who need it.

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