Oates: II

Forgot to mention this. When the wife and I went to see Oates in concert two nights ago, I had an idea. I wanted to say loudly, “I can’t believe Hall & Oates are playing here tonight!” over and over again until someone would stop to correct me that it was solely Oates. I envisioned the following dialogue:

“It’s only John Oates.”

What do you mean?

“Hall isn’t here. It’s John Oates solo.”

John Oates solo? Why would anyone want to see that?

“He happens to be a very accomplished performer.”

Yeah, but he’s Oates.

Sadly, the wife put her foot down.


PS: I took the above video at the show. Again, place held about 200, and I’d say 160 folks were in attedance. This guy’s name is Mutlu. He was the opening act, and—as much as I hate to say it—he blew Oates away. Oy.

2 thoughts on “Oates: II”

  1. I liked H&O in the day.
    Thanks for Mutlu.

    There has been many a time when the warmup act blows away the headliner.
    Headliners I heard that didn’t out play the warmup bands:
    *The Doors, 12 hour mini-festival. Several groups were better.
    *Jimmy Buffett, blown away by both warmup groups. New guy, Leon Redbone http://www.leonredbone.com/menu_frame.html
    Seasoned guy, David Bromberg http://davidbromberg.net/
    David took a break after the tour to focus on making instruments.
    Last summer I went to listen to the warmup band, The Strangetones http://www.strangetones.com/
    Have a listen to a few tunes. http://www.strangetones.com/sound.html I don’t go out much but whenever the Strangetones are in town I try to get there.
    *The headliner was Curtis Salgado the guy John Belushi copied for the Blues Brothers.
    Curtis was tooooo loud. I’m also not a big fan of his Bass Player, to much Thump Thump. I left.

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