Best day of the year!


Halloween has no religious affiliation.

Halloween doesn’t mean talking to annoying fifth cousins around a table.

Halloween doesn’t mean having to wear a tie and collared shirt.

Unlimited candy. Wear a costume. Any costume. Act like a fool. Watch your kids having the times of their lives.

No better holiday. None. Not even a close second. I love Halloween because it lets me be a kid, even at age 38. I love the haunted house I build in my basement … love watching the neighborhood children tiptoe down the steps, scared/excited/anxious. I love that we have 40 or 50 or 60 people at the house for trick o’ treating, and pizza, and the haunted basement. I love that I had a lengthy—serious—debate about whether to dress as Robin or Mr. T. Robin won, because my 4-year-old son is Batman, and he wants his daddy as his sidekick. I love that my daughter is dressing as Lady Gaga, and my wife is a roll of sushi.

I am very happy today.

Great holiday.

Just great.