Election Day

Election Day starts in 49 minutes, and the Democrats are about to have their asses handed to them.

I’m OK with it.

Well, not OK. But I can’t totally argue. The Democrats were given everything they wanted in 2008, and—to use a phrase that was popular in my high school back in 1990—they screwed the pooch. When the economy was crapping out, they zeroed in on health care reform. And while there was genuine value in said reform, it wasn’t what people needed at the time. Or thought they needed. Or … whatever.

Here’s the thing, though. I tell myself I’m OK, and I try thinking I’m OK, but I’m not OK. Because the Republicans scare me. Like, really, really scare me. Not day-to-day Republicans—neighbors and friends and co-workers. I’m talking about political figures who spew toxic shit in the name of power. The ones who convince poor whites to vote for pro-rich economic policy by tossing out a few Jesuses and a fag reference or two. I’m talking about political figures who pledge to improve schools and lower taxes. I’m talking about political figures who want to freeze all government spending. I’m talking about political figures who don’t answer questions and blame the “liberal” media for every problem. I’m talking about political figures who tell us to fear Muslims; who call our president a Socialist; who insist we live in a Christian country.

I believe in America. I love America. But these people make me want to vomit, eat my vomit, then vomit again. They don’t speak for me, and they don’t speak on behalf of decency.

Sadly, they’re about to have their day.

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