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Guest Post: I’m a Socialist

With all the inane talk of Barack Obama being a socialist, I was fascinated to learn that Dylan Kitts has actually decided he is one—for real. Hence, this blog post by Dylan. More of his excellent work can be found at the blog, Sour Fruity Pebbles:

I’ve finally come to grips about myself. I’m no longer in denial and instead, out and proud.

Something I’ve always regretted believing, something I’ve denied and dismissed in public, and the same topic I’ve even belittled believers about – is now central to my belief system and something I’ll never again demean. After reading and self-reflection, I’ve realized those emotions were stirred simply due to the superficial society we currently live in.

What I’ve come to recognize is: I’m a socialist.

Now, before you call the FBI and/or accuse me of wanting to destroy democracy and overthrow the United States government, let me define socialism. According to the all-reliable Dictionary, socialism is “characterized by production for use rather than profit, by equality of individual wealth, by the absence of competitive economic activity, and, usually, by government determination of investment, prices, and production levels.”

To truly understand socialism, we should first evaluate the concept of money and human equality. Everyone in the history of mankind has been proven to be born the exact same way (sorry Jesus): through sexual intercourse, which leads to pregnancy and conception. If every chair was created exactly the same, wouldn’t every chair be of equal value? It’s the exact same principle here.

Maybe we have different skill sets, or different health conditions, but people ultimately have more commonalities then differences. All of us have the same physical and mental needs; we all need to consume nutrients for survival, and all yearn for the impossibility of eternal satisfaction. Similarly, everyone is capable of love, happiness and sadness, while also encompassing ideas.

Yet, capitalism defeats this line of thinking. Money was conceived to be a rewards system, to reward the hard working and create a culture of effort, to disparage and ultimately motivate the lazy. We humans, however, lost sight of that. Instead, someone’s worth is primarily judged by someone’s income.

Ever wonder why people wear name brand products that are too expensive for them? Social acceptance. In American society, social acceptance commonly comes only if you fit certain financial qualifications and stereotypes, which these products symbolize. Through media devices, operated by society’s very selected few, there’s a culture developing of upper and middle classes being worthy, while the poor becoming the cause to our problems.

The only thing that separates the rich and the poor is money. Money leads to opportunities. Everyone is born equal, but once their economic reality sets in, they aren’t. In essence, capitalism limits their freedom since their life becomes centered on survival, instead of discovering themselves and the world.

Capitalism is the root cause of our inequalities in society today. The upper class realizes socialism as a threat. Capitalism enables them to still be seen as “above” others; Socialism requires equality.

American culture and politics feeds our greed, creating socialism to be seen as the Devil, something which will lead to communism (which isn’t true) and a loss of our freedoms. Proclaiming socialism, to most, is equivalent to proclaiming death.

I’m proud to be a murderer.