Election results

Depressing, but it is what it is.

One jarring fact—when the next Senate convenes, there will be zero—count them, 0—African-American members of the Senate.


Other thoughts:

• Just watched Rand Paul’s victory speech. I love this whole “Government does not create jobs—businesses create jobs” ideal. Uh, it was called the New Deal, and it revitalized our nation. Anyone remember that one?

• An odd thought: The Democrats will still have the presidency and the Senate. And yet, it feels/sounds as if they’re now the minority in government. Which they’re not.

• Christine O’Donnell says she changed politics. Uh, yeah, by showing us what happens when you replace a normal, thinking man’s candidate like Mike Castle with a Fruit Loop.

• I liked Nancy Pelosi. Still do. A lot. Have yet to figure out why Republicans loathe her so much, save for the fact she’s an outspoken woman from San Francisco.

• The test for Obama starts now. I believe in his vision. I believe he has utterly failed to explain that vision to the people of this country. Bring it—or go home …

9 thoughts on “Election results”

  1. The most accurate predictor of future behavior is past behavior. To hope that Obama will change the way he explains his vision is wishful thinking. This White House is too insular and arrogant to change anything.

    The man came in with a mandate unlike no other president in memory and he completely squandered it. What an immense disappointment.

  2. The New Deal did not revitalize our economy. It is a proven fact that the New Deal prolonged the Great Depression. Even FDR’s own treasury secretary admitted this! World War 2 revitalized our economy. Remember that?

  3. Here’s a disturbing fact:

    African-American Head Football Coaches in the SEC: 1
    African-American Senators when the next Senate convenes: 0

    That’s an awful commentary on this country.

  4. Um am I imagining things or isn’t the President of this country, the most powerful man in the world, an African American. I’m pretty sure that signifies this country is mostly over racial issues.

  5. Jeff, regarding your fourth thought, replace Pelosi with Palin, Republicans with Democrats and San Francisco with Alaska. You would probably want to add the word stupid, but do so in each sentence.

  6. I think Pelosi is just as despised by repubs as Palin is by dems. And they’re both not really embraced by their own. Newt and Boehner aren’t nearly as hated (not by me, of course) as the two women.

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