Election results

Depressing, but it is what it is.

One jarring fact—when the next Senate convenes, there will be zero—count them, 0—African-American members of the Senate.


Other thoughts:

• Just watched Rand Paul’s victory speech. I love this whole “Government does not create jobs—businesses create jobs” ideal. Uh, it was called the New Deal, and it revitalized our nation. Anyone remember that one?

• An odd thought: The Democrats will still have the presidency and the Senate. And yet, it feels/sounds as if they’re now the minority in government. Which they’re not.

• Christine O’Donnell says she changed politics. Uh, yeah, by showing us what happens when you replace a normal, thinking man’s candidate like Mike Castle with a Fruit Loop.

• I liked Nancy Pelosi. Still do. A lot. Have yet to figure out why Republicans loathe her so much, save for the fact she’s an outspoken woman from San Francisco.

• The test for Obama starts now. I believe in his vision. I believe he has utterly failed to explain that vision to the people of this country. Bring it—or go home …