Just voted

Well, I just voted. New machines—much better. You use a black market to fill out a paper ballot with little circles, then slide it into a machine. Took my daughter Casey along. She’s 7, and was into the whole process. I told her who we’re voting for, she did the circling.

Voted for all Democrats and two Republicans. One was Bob Cohen, who is running for State Senate against Suzi Oppenheimer. Three days ago, would have gone with Oppenheimer. Then two things happened: Cohen was endorsed by the New York Times, which actually swayed me a bit. Cohen was labeled a “slumlord” in Oppenheimer mailings. With rare exception, “slumlord” is a bullshit charge used against people with real estate holdings. In the case of Cohen, apparently, it was a 100-percent bullshit charge. I’m not a fan of this stuff, and Cohen’s supposed to be extremely moderate. So, Cohen it is.

I was euphoric to vote with my daughter, but the sad reality is that today will be a nightmare. The right-, right-, right-, right Republicans will feel emboldened, Sarah Palin will gain even more organizational power, Democrats will slink further away from Obama.

And nothing will get done.