The Fall Classic

Am I the only person who just didn’t care?

The wife and I watched the final half inning last night, which was fun. But otherwise, I was indifferent. Giants—meh. Rangers—meh. Save for Josh Hamilton and a little Matt Treanor (great guy, by the way), didn’t have much interest in their players. Struck me as two forgettable ballclubs that happened to make it.

Which, of course, isn’t a bad thing. Actually, it’s a great thing. Much better than Yankees-Phillies. But I didn’t care. At all.

What I do find myself caring about is the NFL. Shocked by the Jets 9-0 loss to Green Bay. Dazzled by Detroit, a team that just might give Rex two-straight loses. Seriously, the Lions are good. Really good. So, for that matter, are the Raiders. A couple of years ago I thought Darren McFadden was doomed to enter the gates of Bustville. Now, if the Pro Bowl were today, he’s starting. What I like about Oakland is how wrong I was. Genuinely believed Jason Campbell would go there and suck. But he doesn’t suck—he’s actually pretty darn good. Genuinely believed the team was on crack for sending a first-round pick to the Pats for Richard Seymour. Well, look how that’s turning out. The man is an animal, and New England will wind up with the 23rd or so pick. No biggie.


6 thoughts on “The Fall Classic”

  1. As a once proud supporter of the Detroit Lions — Monday night games at the old Pontiac Silverdome were epic — I can’t support your endorsement of the Lions.

    I think the last five teams they’ve beat are the Rams, Redskins, Bears, Cardinals and Bears again – hardly great competition.

    Until they show me sustained excellence, I can’t get excited.

    p.s. I fully expect a work stoppage next year because, well, that would be the Lion’s luck. On the verge of becoming respectable, than a lock out halts their progress.

  2. Actually, Campbell did suck which is why he lost his job to Gradowski. Only when Gradowski got hurt did he get his job back and, yes, he has played well since.

  3. Baseball is no longer America’s pastime … football is – and has been for a long time.
    16-game regular season means something.
    Non-guaranteed contracts mean something.
    Fans are a real part of the experience in the NFL.

    Of course I’m just a disgruntled Montreal Expos’ fan who lost his team.

    I enjoyed your Dallas Cowboys and Roger Clemens’ books Jeff. Just finished the Clemens book on my Kindle. Just bought your Barry Bonds book on it.


  4. I fully understand that you weren’t interested in the Series. It was huge for me. I have been a Giants fan since I was 9, so after 21 years, I am savoring it. It’s an odd feeling when your team wins the championship. But, I will take it. I understand a lot of people didn’t care. But, I sure did.

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