Just wow.

Seriously, here is Sharron Angle’s concession speech. Amazing that this nut almost won. Again, I am disappointed by Harry Reid. He’s lame and ineffective.

But Angle is about to spin off the planet.

Watch her. Really.

7 thoughts on “Wow”

  1. 60 plus seats in the house and counting….huge pickups of state legislatures and governorships in states that Obama won in 2008…control of redistricting in Republican hands….2010 was just a warmups Libs….we are taking ALL of AMERICA back in 2012. You Betcha!!! 😉

  2. @ SteveH…we will blame Obama, Barney Frank, Pelosi and all the lazy people on government handouts cuz the Dems still have some power and some of their unjust policies are still in effect.Come January 2013 when we have all the power we will cut taxes and deregulate EVERYTHING and will have Morning in America for years and years to come. Fox News has the highest ratings in the country and is growing STRONGER. America will buy whatever Fox is selling.

  3. [6] Indeed. I know it’s nihilistic but I actually hope the Republicans do get Sarah Palin in the White House. Once and for all let’s give them enough rope to destroy the country and themsleves. Then we have a chance for a real revolution where the people and not corporate interests will rule.

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