This is startling

What person can defend this?:

According to Newsweek, the White House plans to aggressively enforce environmental regulations as they anticipate efforts from Republicans to strip authority from the EPA.  Compromise on renewable energy standards is possible, but the posturing between Rep. Joe Barton, the chairman of the energy committee, and the administration, may make this terribly difficult.  The GOP plans to hold high profile hearings examining the alleged “scientific fraud” behind global warming, a sleeper issue in this election that motivated the base quite a bit.

PS: Holy shit—finally saw this. Whoa.

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  1. You know, this doesn’t actually bother me. While I think the “scientific fraud” camp is bat-shit crazy, I don’t mind Congress holding hearings on it. Assuming they’re fair, I think the global warming deniers could finally be discredited in a very public manner.

  2. What’s real interesting Jeff, is the fact Joe Barton’s biggest campaign donations over the past 20 years have come from the energy corporations, including BP.

    Since 1990, he’s accepted about $1.5 million from the energy corporations.

    It’s no wonder he’s going after the EPA.

  3. The climate has and will always change. Rotting leaves give off much more co2 than people. A minute change in a component of our atmosphere that is .03 to .06% of it doesn’t quite have the same effect on the weather as that big ball of fire in the sky you may have noticed. Clouds also have a much bigger effect on temps than co2. I hope to god congress does hold public hearings on this subject, it’s a complete fraud.

  4. But, Doug, what about the corporations that pollute the air?

    Barton is out to ease the restrictions on those corporations, the ones that got him elected.

    Recent legislation has helped reduce the risk of Cancer, but if Baron has his way, who knows what will happen (well, most of us do…but some choose to ignore that for greater profits).

    Same thing in China:

    Yet, to Barton, it’s all a joke:

  5. Poe’s Law
    “Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won’t mistake for the real thing.”

    This is why I believe that Doug is secretly Jeff having fun with everyone.

  6. Once upon a time we were up to our mountain peaks in ice. It has been getting warmer ever sense.
    Difference is the rate we are getting warmer.

    Doug, add your rotting leaves (I’d like to see the facts on that one) to the combustion engine and you get fireball earth.

  7. Well, global warming isn’t a fraud. We know the earth is getting warmer in comparison with the last few hundred years. The question is what’s causing it. Considering the amount of shit we burn and combust to make energy, it would seem to me that while humans may not be the root cause for the warming, we’re certainly not helping. And, considering this is the only earth we have, we should probably be really concerned about not doing too much damage. No?

  8. Please, just watch the first ten minutes of the video above, then the last ten starting at the 1hr 5 minute mark. I just watched it for the fourth time. Any person with the slightest bit of empathy cannot watch the last ten minutes of this and think the green zealots are in the right.

  9. I watched much of the video. There is controversy associated with the making of it.

    Yes, climate does change. Volcanic eruptions can cool the climate, a comet strike could cause massive climate change. Meteorites have caused changes.
    We can’t make those things happen. We can’t control them.
    We can control our contribution to climate change.

    There really is nothing to gain by driving a vehicle that gets 15 MPG unless it is a working tool. Even then there is no harm in developing technology to reduce our footprint.

    I doubt any of these scientists sending out the global warming alarm would be unemployed for long. On the other hand Big Oil and Coal have much more to lose.
    Too many earn their income off of mans lust for phallic symbols, such as Ferrari’s, Mercedes’, Speed boats, or McMansions.

    The medieval warm period was still cooler than the earths mean temp. during the years 1961-’90. The warm period was significantly cooler than the weather since 1980.
    Here is a little more insight:

    The Holocene period did not melt the ice caps — at least not yet. We are still in the Holocene period.
    The polar bears ARE at risk.

    The Ice core record information was interesting I would need to do more research to check it out. It was about there that I skipped to the last 7 min. because I was tired and ready to hit the bed.

    I could go on, but the bottom line is we have nothing to lose if we work toward a pollution free world. We have everything to gain.

    Cooking fires in third world counties is a problem. Instead of pushing technology they aren’t prepared to use I would suggest other solutions. Locally there is a company that makes stoves for third world countries.
    Worth reading about:
    I have seen these stoves, they are quite effective.

    As far as sleeping with the light and dark cycles:
    I remember a study where they found people that slept with the natural cycle of the sun had increased memory and fewer health problems.

    The main problem with Africa is corruption, politics, and war.
    2 Solar panels won’t work, get more, duh.
    Africa has oil. Oil = $. Instead of using their money to develop solar power they use the money for the phallic symbols.

    Interesting, I will try to watch it all the way through. I see a lot of truth stretching from what I did see.

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