Bruno Kirby

Bruno Kirby died four years ago and I never wrote anything about it. Not that I’m should have—back in 2006 this blog didn’t even exist.

That said, this morning, while drying off from a shower, I found myself watching Good Morning, Vietnam on HBO. The movie came out 23 years ago, and I probably last saw it, oh, 10 years back. Maybe more. Anyhow, the film has a pretty impressive lineup (Robin Williams, Forrest Whitaker, Robert Wuhl, Richard Portnow), yet the one who really grabbed me was Kirby. His portrayal of a squeaky-clean lieutenant who thinks he can DJ is spot on. The best line in the movie belongs to Kirby—”Sir, in my heart I know I’m funny.”—and it’s one I copy whenever I tell a joke that falls flat with the wife.

On a side note, the movie remains really, really good. I mean, really good. Williams is terrific, Whitaker perfectly understated. Just wonderful.

OK, off to work …

2 thoughts on “Bruno Kirby”

  1. Great actor. From Clemenza to “City Slickers”, “Good Morning Vietnam”, “When Harry Met Sally”, and “The Freshman”. All great performances.

    I heard he had a falling out w/ Billy Crystal when filming “City Slickers” and never spoke to him again. Sad.

  2. One of the best supporting actors ever. Always played great, interesting characters.

    To this day, his character in “Basketball Diaries” creeps me out.

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