Bruno Kirby

Bruno Kirby died four years ago and I never wrote anything about it. Not that I’m should have—back in 2006 this blog didn’t even exist.

That said, this morning, while drying off from a shower, I found myself watching Good Morning, Vietnam on HBO. The movie came out 23 years ago, and I probably last saw it, oh, 10 years back. Maybe more. Anyhow, the film has a pretty impressive lineup (Robin Williams, Forrest Whitaker, Robert Wuhl, Richard Portnow), yet the one who really grabbed me was Kirby. His portrayal of a squeaky-clean lieutenant who thinks he can DJ is spot on. The best line in the movie belongs to Kirby—”Sir, in my heart I know I’m funny.”—and it’s one I copy whenever I tell a joke that falls flat with the wife.

On a side note, the movie remains really, really good. I mean, really good. Williams is terrific, Whitaker perfectly understated. Just wonderful.

OK, off to work …