So the people from Buffalo don’t seem to like my latest column. I’ve probably received, oh, 50 e-mails, then throw in another 17 posts on this blog. It’s been, I believe, slammed on various Bills message boards.

To which I say: C’mon.

Seriously, c’mon. It’s just a column. About a city. It was written tongue-in-cheek. But, if we’re going to be honest, who the hell would be happy about moving from San Diego to Buffalo? I’ve been to Buffalo four or five times. It’s a nice, good place to live with some solid restaurants, a very enjoyable zoo and, of course, the breathtaking Falls right down the block. The people (with the possible exception of some of the e-mail writers 🙂 ) are extremely friendly. But Buffalo is to San Diego what Jerry Golsteyn is to Joe Montana. San Diego’s downtown is wonderful. Buffalo’s is dreary. San Diego is warm and sunny all year. Buffalo has as depressing a winter as many will ever know (unless you’re one who digs long winters. I am not one who digs long winters). San Diego is orange and yellow. Buffalo is gray and brown.

Some of the posters noted that I come from Mahopac—and (ha-ha) that probably sucks, too. Well, yes, it does suck. It’s boring and lame and nothing goes on there. I’m content to admit such.

I don’t blame Buffalo folk for having pride in their home turf. And, again, it’s a fine place. But let’s be real here.

San Diego is bliss.

PS: As for the many who called the idea for the column “unoriginal.” I 100 percent disagree. The idea was some guy, in this case Shawne Merriman, having to go from one of the most gorgeous cities in America to one of the most drab; to go from a franchise that (generally) wins to one that loses. Did I execute it well? Apparently not. But the idea, in and of itself (Write about the transition; find someone who actually made it), is not a bad one.

PPS: Best e-mail I received:

Grading Pearlman’s article;
0 = originality
0 = interesting
0 = satire
0 = “common council”…WTF?
0 =’s editorial staff!
0 = Mathison as a resource? You’re stretching it to make your point.
0 = score on Pearlman’s essay

Looks like Pearlman and the Bills have something in common….they’re both LOSERS!!