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If you were trying to be funny talking shit about my city, it didn’t work. I hope you know that the whole city hates your guts and it would be wise if you didn’t visit. not that i think you will. where are you from? maybe you should post that. i hope to keep contact with you regarding how much you are not only hated, but how much of an idiot you are. fuck you asshole.
also, you look like a drug addict. chill out on the coke.

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  1. Ha, ha! Wouldn’t you be (at least a little) mad if someone trashed your hometown, especially if the person wasn’t from there?

  2. this is probably a very pleasant person before they get shit-faced. the entire city? as a writer it has to annoy you when people don’t take the time to capitalize the first letter in a sentence. btw, i know you’d be p.o.’d if someone trashed your hometown of mohopac. coke?, i don’t see it. you must admit, it will be nice to finally have someone to remind you they don’t care for your opinion.
    regards, d

  3. Dear Jeff,
    I just want to take the time to thank you for stretching the limits of your creative writing ability by mentioning repeatedly that Buffalo, NY is cold in your recent article regarding Shawne Merriman . I mean what a challenge for a young guy like yourself to connect those dots. No one has ever said that about Buffalo, NY a few thousand times already. It’s a good thing you cleared the air of any misconceptions that Buffalo resembles Tampa Bay in its climate. We need more poorly written stereotypes you can waste an entire column on genius. Do us all a favor and go back to grad school so you can learn to write about something other than, “the weather”, a truly hot topic of conversation. Unless you’re in Buffalo then it’s a “cold” topic right ? see what i did there? painfully clever.

  4. I am from Buffalo and happen to love your article. Perhaps you shouldn’t have mentioned that washed up, douche bag of an artist though.
    He’s pretty hated here!!!

  5. Wow – who would have thought that Jeff’s article would ruffle so many Buffalo feathers. I have never been to Buffalo and I am sure it is a fine city, but come on people, relax and quit being so sensitive.

  6. Amazing that the whole city hates you. That means you are probably much more famous than you thought you were. If everyone in the city knows who you are, who knows how many people know who you are in, say, Wichita?

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